Nathan Griffith Says His Son Is The “Alpha Race”


Understandably ‘Teen Mom 2’ fans are outraged about Nathan Griffith’s recent Hitleresque tweet that said, “My son is the alpha race! Thank God for my genes and @PBandJenelley_1 blue eyes! #dontjudgeme

Immediately fans responded with comments like “You two are the dumbest racist mutha f*ckin idiots on the damn planet,” and “alpha meaning superior so in other words superior race being white in this case…yikes


Nathan responded to the backlash stating, “Wow, so a reference becomes racist. But, if you’re the one taking as a racist comment, aren’t you enabling the oppressor.” 

Could Nathan REALLY not understand why that comment is incredibly racist and unacceptable? What do you think of Nathan’s tweets?


  1. Nathan is just riding on Jennelle’s coattail because he likes the lime light. Also the money he gets. If it wasn’t for being on Teen Mom he would go back to his only drunken world. He would leave Jennelle .

  2. Nathan needs to go back to whatever trailer park jennelle dug him out of. They are both pointless people but with comments like that he is going to teach her son’s there wrong ethics.

  3. To be completely honest I thought he said that because Kai has blonde hair and blue eyes. I’ve heard many people refer to babies with blonde hair and blue eyes as alphas.

  4. I don’t think it was meant as a racial comment at all. People are so damn ridiculous when it comes to this shit.

  5. I just had my first son back in December and I know the feeling he’s talking
    about however thats hateful to all the children out there who could suffer from confidence issues if you raise your child like that because your child could be raised into a bully

  6. Aryan might have been more politically correct and less offensive to some who don’t understand the Reich throry of eugenics

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