Jenelle & Nathan Break Up On Twitter… Again.


I know, I know, what a shock right? After the “happy” couple’s recent break up after getting engaged they went back to acting like everything between them is perfect via social media posts. Jenelle is always posting about the gifts Nathan gives her and how wonderful their relationship is.

Sadly though on February 12th things blew up with the reality stars yet again. “Heather will make u happy again… Go call her like u have been all day. U were always an enemy, never a friend. #TruthBeTold @GroundLevelUp.” Jenelle tweeted-and-deleted. Nathan posted to his account, “I’m so done with this relationship. Thank God!”


In case you were wondering these two crazy kids managed to work out their issues in time for Valentine’s Day. The negative tweets were deleted and replaced with Jenelle showing off her gifts from Nathan.

This marks at least 2 breakups and makeups in the past 2 months. These two need to be more careful about what they post to the internet when they are fighting. It all doesn’t have to be publicized. PS: Thanks to Nathan yet another nude photo of Jenelle’s bum is floating around the internet. (Please girls learn something from this.)


Do you think Jenelle and Nathan will last?


  1. These two are so immature, they are too young to deal with so much! They need to stay off social media and stop making themselves look so ridiculous! I feel so sorry for the children, they don’t deserve to be around all this chaos!!

  2. I love jenelle and how far she has come with her life. But why send pics like that ? He sees it whenever he wants so why does he need a picture? To share with friends? To post online when they argue? Its the kids that will grow up and see mammy and daddy posted the were arguing and they daddy posted mammy nude etc etc . Be more respectful about yourselves your relationship and your kids feelings. 😊😊


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