PHOTOS! Catelynn and Tyler Get New Tattoos for Novalee!


Catelynn and Tyler of ‘Teen Mom’ recently got some new ink for their baby girl Novalee! The couple have tattoos for their first daughter (that they placed for adoption) Carly so it seems only fitting that they honor their new baby girl with some new tats.

Cate and Ty got their tattoos at Lance Kellar Studios in Michigan and MTV cameras were there to capture it all!

Catelynn’s is similar to the one she has for Carly, a print of her little baby foot. Tyler’s however is a little more extreme! “This representationĀ that I will always protect her is PERFECT!” Ty explains.


What do you think of the couple’s new tattoos?


12 thoughts on “PHOTOS! Catelynn and Tyler Get New Tattoos for Novalee!”

    1. I love catelynn and ty they are my favorite out of all them and they are not white trash u are white trash and if ur going to say that don’t post it keep it to yourself u should only say nice thing about ppl and not rude thing to hurt other ppls fells about them

  1. Catelynn and Tyler are amazing. I have followed them since 16 an Pregnant. I think their tattoos are beautiful and there gonna be great parents. This is a lucky Lil girl.

  2. I think that Catelynn and Tyler are going to be great parents .. I think that you both did what wad best for first child and i know that it was the harest thing for u both. I had to do the same thing when i was 19 I was raped and it was very hard for me to do.. i love u both and wish you all the best šŸ™‚

    1. You are very special & so amazing for what all you had to go through. May God watch over you and continue to bless you immensely.

  3. Love, love, love the beautiful new tattoos & especially this adorable couple. Tyler & Catelynn are such a strong couple with the best of intentions, always.

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