‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Jenelle Evans Finally Fighting for Custody of Her Son

Jenelle Evans of ‘Teen Mom 2’ is finally fighting for custody of her son… but is it for the right reasons? She has been struggling to get her life on track since the birth of her son Jace back in 2009. Shortly after Jace came into the world Jenelle signed custody over to her mother Barbara due to the fact that she was a teenager and way too irresponsible to properly care for a baby. She just was not ready to give up her drugs and party lifestyle.


After that Jenelle spiraled out of control to the point of being addicted to hard drugs including heroin. Her life has been one scandal after another, between plastic surgeries, nude photos, drugs, alcohol, arrests, abortions… Jenelle has been through it all. 

Things changed for the better when Jenelle met her current fiance Nathan. While it’s debatable whether or not her relationship with him is the healthiest he’s at least a step up from all the boys we have seen her date (and marry) in the past. Jenelle quickly became pregnant with Nathan’s child just months after aborting the child she was carrying with her ex-husband/heroin partner.


Jenelle managed to stay out of major trouble while pregnant (minus one arrest for a fight she and Nathan had in their home). Since having baby Kaiser, Jenelle and Nathan’s relationship has been rather rocky but the two are still together.

Finally Jenelle is taking steps to regain custody of her first son Jace (who is now 5 years old). We saw on ‘Teen Mom 2’ Nathan pushing Jenelle to regain custody of Jace despite him not having custody of his own daughter. Jenelle was not eager to fight for custody since he had been with Barbara for his entire life. She didn’t want to uproot him from (lets face it) the only real mother he has ever known.


However since having baby Kaiser Jenelle has been spending more time with Jace and has finally decided to fight for him. According to a source that spoke with RadarOnline Barbara was served with court papers last week and has cut Jenelle off from seeing Jace. In the documents provided by the website Barbara is actually listed as the plaintiff….

The “source” told Radar that Jenelle is furious that Jace has been calling Barbara “mom” and that Babs hasn’t been correcting him. Barbara is also still very concerned about Nathan’s drinking problem. They are all due in court next month.


  1. Nathan and Jenelle are always fighting in front of Jace. They should not even have custody of Kaiser! Nathan & Jenelle are not mature enough to even hold on to jobs.

  2. Babs is being a sore loser tht is not ur son u did ur part by helping ur kid out good job but its time to let go

    • Let go of a kid just like that? She’s brought him up since a baby an she’s being a sore lose. .. yeah right lady.. Jenelle is a us less excuse for a mother and hopefully the judge tells her to fuck off

  3. I’m a mother with grown children. I also was raised by my grandmother. It’s no time for jealousy because Jace called Barbara mom, emotionally that’s how he relates to her. She’s his rock, protector and with her he felt protected. This will never change, even if Jace called Jenelle mom and Barbara granny. If Jenelle’s life was in order from the beginning they would’ve shared this bond. Now she is jealous. It’s a little bit to late for bonding and creating a secure bond with him. She’s going to let him carry a grutch against her, for taking him away from his safety nest, Barbara, the only Mother figure he had for years.

    • Love this comment so much so true . Jenelle would be so selfish to uproot him from his home and his life he’s settled in to for years now.

  4. Her and her mom have always said that when jace starts school jenelle will get jace back.
    everybody never gives the girl a chance. Everybody makes mistakes hers just happened to be on the tv. Stop putting her down so much. Alot of people are out there and don’t even want to know the kids they have and they couldn’t give a shit about getting there lives together. Jenelle has gotten her life together and is interested in both of her kids.

    some people must never have heard the saying if you don’t have anything nice to say dont say anything at all.
    why come on a post about jenelle if you don’t like her and are just going to slate her, her life, and how far she has come.

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