Amber Portwood Slams Rumors About Her Boyfriend


‘Teen Mom’ star Amber Portwood has been dating a man named Matt for a while now. Things are pretty serious between Amber and her mystery man, he recently got a huge tattoo of her name on his forearm.

Despite keeping Matt’s identity a secret as much as possible, rumors still started swirling about Matt when some of his old tweets were discovered by ‘Teen Mom’ fans. Apparently Matt had some very strong opinions about the other ‘Teen Mom’ cast members in the past. Especially Jenelle Evans. He was quickly being called a “Teen Mom Super Fan” and accused of dating Amber simply due to her being on the show.

Amber is tired of hearing though and took to Twitter to express her feelings about it. “I’m done with these rrumors that Matt is a TM superfan he talked crap about us months ago and quit after we met if anything he’s just an ass. Matt is a very sweet man with an asshole sense of humor…that is why were great together lol…sending love everyone stay warm

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