Maci Bookout Leaving ‘Teen Mom: Original Girls?’


A new report is claiming that Maci Bookout is refusing to allow her 6 year old son Bentley to film for the show and that Maci plans on leaving the series.

It all comes back to Farrah being on the show and Maci not feeling comfortable with Bentley being on a show that she is involved in.


The statement being past along through all of the Teen Mom pages on Facebook is: “Maci decided to not have her son Bentley filmed halfway through the upcoming season of MTV’s Teen Mom OG airing March 23rd, because Farrah Abraham had been brought back on the show halfway through and she did not feel it appropriate to have her 6 year old son on the same show as her. She also decided this will probably be her last season of ‘Teen Mom’ as well because of that reason, but said she has no hard feelings toward Farrah.

Maci has yet to confirm or deny this so it looks like we will just have to wait and see what happens on the new season of ‘Teen Mom: OG’ which begins on March 23rd at 10pm on MTV. UPDATE: A clip from the new Season 5 Trailer (watch that here) may back up the above statement. Maci reacts when producers tell her that Farrah is back on the show by telling them they “can leave now.


  1. What a joke…. Maci is washed up and with Farrah and family on the show is knows she is boring… MTV knows Farrah is investing in property and other businesses and she has stated for the past year or so there will be no more adult videos… Yes see has her very succusful adult toys and books but this woman has more business sense and activities than ALL the term moms put together…. Facts are MTV is fighting to keep her because there are four other networks trying to get her to sign with them. Maci will be come a fat stay home mom drinking as she does now…. And have baby after baby…. And no she is not a real motivational speaker…. That’s a joke two…. Farrah is worth 10’s of millions of dollars, owns a home in one of Austin’s premier locations, and has royalty checks coming in everyday. Morally Farrrah’s sex tape is no worse than the drug use and arrests the other woman have and continue to do… Jennelle as an example… And Catleenys and Tyles pot arrests….and Macy is a known bing drinker … Shame on her for thinking she is better than the other girls… Let alone Farrah

    • Finally!!! Someone said it!!! Everyone acts like they are so holy. When mine of them are married doing the same crap she doing . Except she just filmed and sold hers. I call that smart lol. Farrah to me is misunderstood and just wants love. But smart enough to cash in while she can.

      • So….when you go and have kids of your own one day (and please at least warn us before you do), are you going to spend your days praying that they can be a pornstar someday? Because that’s the ultimate goal? That would make them smart and successful?? I guess I’ll just say that I have a different idea of what smart and successful means.

    • maci really is being a judgmental prick but i still didn’t want farrah on just because she’s such a raging biatch and i think no one needs to be kissing her ass. her parents, the producers, they all need to stop cow towing to her, it’s so annoying

    • TOTALLY AGREE!!! Thank god there’s someone who actually has the same opinion as I do about this lol

    • There are so many corrections that need to be made to this “paragraph”, that I cannot even finish it.

    • Gross you sticking up for Farrah say alot about you as a person. Did you know Farrah brought her daughter to a pornography set to work out a contract ? Farrah is also listed as one of the worst mothers alive along with Janelle. Yea the other 2 are so bad.

  2. Im team maci. I love to read and hear about kaitlyn and tyler so i want them on the show. But amber and farah i really could care less. Then again it would the thr og teen moms. If it didnt have all four of them on the show.
    But i agree with the comments above. All of them have a flaw we all do.

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