VIDEO Watch the EPIC ‘Teen Mom: OG’ Trailer!!!

Farrah Abraham Season 5

Get ready for an overload of ‘Teen Mom’ information people! The official Trailer for the new season of ‘Teen Mom’ has officially been released! I’m going to give you the breakdown of news that the trailer confirms and what we can look forward to seeing during the upcoming season.

But first… Lets watch the trailer!!!!

First of all the trailer starts out only showing Amber, Maci an Catelynn. This season started out filming just the three of them but halfway through they decided to bring Farrah back… this explodes among the other ‘Teen Moms.’ In one clip Maci says in response to the news “you’re lying… you guys can leave now… this is over.” Which btw may confirm an earlier report that Maci stopped allowing MTV to film Bentley when Farrah made her return. Also that she plans to quit working with MTV on any future season of the show.

Maci Bookout Season 5

Now lets talk about pregnancies! We already know that Catelynn & Tyler’s pregnancy would be showcased but it was only recently confirmed that Maci Bookout is pregnant with boyfriend Taylor McKinny’s child! We get a peek at both of the couples celebrating their babies to be.

Amber Portwood Season 5

Finally Amber Portwood’s mystery boyfriend has made an appearance! SPOILER ALERT:…. in the trailer we see Amber’s man aka Matt propose to her! I’m not going to lie, I’m a little disappointed they showed that in the trailer but it does explain why Amber had a ring on her finger during the “Getting to Know Amber” special.


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