‘Teen Mom’ Producer Explains Why Farrah is Back on the Show

The 'Teen Mom' cast back in the day
The ‘Teen Mom’ cast back in the day

A staggering number of ‘Teen Mom’ fans are outraged that Farrah Abraham has been brought back to the show. Everyone is excited to see Maci, Amber and Catelynn but Farrah fans are few and far between these days. Executive Producer Morgan J. Freeman doesn’t seem a bit worried though. In fact the producers are quite excited to have Farrah back on the show.

When ‘Teen Mom’ season 5 began filming, Farrah was not included. It wasn’t until later on that Farrah was asked to return. “Just looking at those three stories, ultimately, there was a feeling that something was missing and having a fourth perspective,” Freeman told TV Guide, “the four different journeys and four different sets of consequences, all stemming from Teen Mom — that was the right way to go.

Farrah will not be featured in the first episode but this is what the executive producer had to say about what we can expect from Farrah and her family this season: “Debra has been living in Seattle. She starts to sniff around to see if she can move to Austin. Her dad Michael lives there. Farrah definitely has some feelings about that. You definitely get reacquainted with the entire family. Farrah does a lot of traveling. She does meet somebody. I’ll leave that there.”

What do you think of Farrah’s return to the show? Could this be a second chance for her? Comment your thoughts!


  1. Honestly there is always gunna be some one who likes or dislikes..someone.. at the end of the day it is what it is, sure farrah has flaws and imperfections but who doesnt..eathier she redeems herself or she doesn’t! we will all just have to wait and watch! I enjoyed watching all of the teen moms i dont have a favorite they are all amazing to me!

    • Farrah is NOT A GOOD PERSON, she is a porn star who doesn’t need any more attention… Sophia is going to be so messed up when she gets older knowing her mother does what she does.. Its nasty, Mtv producers seem to want to add drama to the show… the rating are going to go down. Farrah is disrespectful to her parents, she doesn’t care about her body or about sophia’s well being. Because of her Maci wont be staying….. People only want to watch Maci and Catelynn! Amber is starting to get back on the right path and i am proud of her for that…. but Farrah just needs to GO AWAY.

      • I understand that some people don’t like farrah, but seriously you are saying she is nasty because she is a porn star. First of all you need to grow up a porn star is a job just as well as an actress there are some people that need money and this is the way they go. She didn’t do drugs or kill anyone so there for she has the right to come on the show. I myself don’t care for her, because of her attitude but who are we to juge.

        • the only problem the porno is a problem is because she is on a SHOW ABOUT PREVENTING TEEN PREGNANCY. its a show called ‘TEEN MOM’ and theres a fucking PORN STAR on it!! that is just messed up on so many levels. im sure the tape would be forgivable if she had any ounce of self inflection or being able to respond to others with the respect she expects to be given. she cannot open her mouth without something negative but THE MOMENT someone opens their mouth and has some criticism of her she flips and says “why cant we just be positive blahblah uglycryface”. shes seriously the worse kind of person, the perfect example of how fame corrupts people and turns an already eviil person into a monster.

        • First of all, you are correct, being a pornstar is a job. It’s just a f**ked up job! Being a prostitute or a drug dealer is also a job that people do to make money. That’s doesn’t necessarily make it okay. As someone else pointed out, this girl’s daughter is going to be all kinds of messed up as she gets older and starts going to school. Once she, or worse, her friends are old enough to figure out what her mom does for money, her childhood is going to be hell. And by the way, you only think that Farrah didn’t do drugs. The porn industry is pretty well known for their drug use, as well as those who work at strip clubs. My guess is that she has definitely done her fair share.

      • So agree with U! I wanted to vomit when I seen her on the get to know Farrah episode! She has not and will not change. She was F— every other word and blaming everyone for her problems and mistakes ESPECIALLY HER PARENTS! I wanted to beat her butt right there!

      • insulting. My mother was a stripper. She made sure that I had food on the table clothes on my back shoes on my feet and everything that I needed to go to school. She paid for it all by stripping. And I turned out fine graduated top of my class. Had 2 beautiful kids and I work as a teacher at Chicago’s top ranked schools. And all because my mom didn’t want to live off the government so she started stripping not for long just until she had enough money to get herself through nursing school. They all start somewhere. So don’t be so quit to judge we don’t all come out fucked up because our mothers made a temporary fucked up decision

        • Yeah, there’s a difference between being a stripper and being a porn star, or basically a legalized and publicly seen HOOKER! Farrah isn’t doing this to get on her feet, MTV got her on her feet, paying her a salary higher than the national average. She is doing it to try to maintain her 5 minutes of fame (for getting pregnant at 16 -> way to go on that one). I will admit I do like the show, but I think Farrah is a NASTY piece of trash. I have no interest in seeing her on this show or any place else.
          The show was designed to show the struggles of being a teen parent. Farrah doesn’t have these struggles thanks to her parent being at her service, despite the way she treats them, and of course the hefty salary from MTV. The show has children on it and documents some of the most important years of these kids lives. I’m sure one day the other mothers will want to let their children the the show, and having a HOOKER on it will be a hard thing to explain to the kids.
          Yes, killing someone would be worse (duh), but a drug addiction, that is a disease that requires treatment in most cases. So if your referring to Amber, with the drug problem, well she had real struggles, not the BS ones like Farrah, and unfortunately feel victim to a horrible disease, however she got treatment, served her time, and is making making herself a better person. I would much rather explain that to my child then have to tell them about a porn star (porn actress really, as she is far from a star) let alone have my child appear on a show that included one.
          I won’t even get into what a disrespectful person she is. I don’t know how she can even look at her self on the show and not get a massive reality check on how horribly she treats her parents among others. As much as I like the show, I will likely no longer watch it, due to her return, as I do not want to support the ratings, when I strongly disagree with MTV’s decision to bring her back.

        • I live in Chicago, and if you’re a teacher at a top school here with the atrocious grammer you have, no wonder education in this city is a disaster.

        • I’m pretty sure everyone would have more respect for your mom if she chose to live off the government instead of choosing to be a stripper. I’m not quite sure how you seem to think stripping was the more respectable way to go.

        • Its all kinds of WRONG for her to even be a porn star. Its gross and disgusting. I hope that little girl doesn’t see this stuff when she’s s teenager. Its really sad how she’s so freaking money hungry…..

        • Yeah but shes not working to keep Sophia fed or clothed. She is doing it.. I think.. Cuz she likes to be a dude magnent. And being in the porn industry she gets paid to do exactly that.

          One more thing that is bothering me.. I was watching the teen mom marathon last night.. Anyone ever notice that some of the moms sit there and complain that they need money or don’t have enough? So they get part time jobs?? Yeah.. That’s teaching the youth of america it’s okay to drop school and only work part time. I’m a single parent and I work full time and go to college part time to support my 8 month old daughter!!

        • There is a big difference between dancing for mobey and having sex for money. ALL these girls need to realize everything they do on this show their kids WILL eventually see. Does anyone really think her daughter is going to proud of how she treats people especially her parents?

      • How do you know it’s going to mess her daughter up. Just because she did porn. I would like to think not every person that has dabbled in a little porn has just screwed up children. You don’t know it could make her stronger. It could create a better bond between them YOU nor does any other know. Farrah is a human being and what do we not do to others??? Talk in ANY way about their child, unless positive. Back off. I’m not a fan of her, but I am far from perfect. I am a new mother, and I am so hard on myself because I’ve made huge mistakes in my life. I am constantly judged. My child will know these mistakes but she will know right from wrong. She will be taught that judging gets you know where but missing opportunities. You never know what you could miss from judging one another. Be kind, and if you can’t keep it to yourself. You don’t know anything she’s been through. You see what they show you.

        • lol…yes, I’m sure their bond will be much stronger because Farrah is a pornstar. I’m sure that is what will happen.

  2. So true no ones perfect and we only see what they film not 24 hours a day 7 days a week i dont judge but i do like to be entertained and love this show for that real moms just showing how it is it wouldnt be a successful show if they didnt focus mostly on the interesting stuff l

  3. I have nothing against Farrah but I love amber maci and catelynn weather Farrah’s on the show or not I’m still watching it regardless those three girls have done a wonderful job.

  4. I think it’s up to the producer to have her back on. Not the biggest fan of Farrah she is disrespectful and arrogant towards her parents and that’s a big no no in my views!!!! But I will still watch because I love the other 3 girls 🙂

    • I’ll just mute it when she is on and do something else…. If the rumors are true about what Maci plans to do, I fully agree with her. I wouldn’t want my child to be represented in the same show as Farrah. The same would be true for me with Jennelle as well. They are both terrible role models and that is what my take on the show has been. These girls are role models for anyone in this situation. Amber has learned from her mistakes, so far, and that is why she can be viewed as such.

  5. Really I just seen a comment because of Farrah Maci is leaving? Pin not tuning in if that’s the case really I would rather watch Mack than Farrrah

  6. Horrible decision to bring her back. I literally can’t stand to see her fake messed up face or hear her annoying voice. Let alone stand to hear the stupidty that comes out of her blown up mouth. No thank you

  7. Sadly I am in between weather to continue watching the show or not I’ve always thought Farrah was disrespectful and stuck up poor Sophia is such a cute little girl and to have a mother like her. I think her life is a reality but it’s just not something to show thousands of people we will see how it goes I’m glad to see Maci back though although I hear because of Farrah she’s leaving.. That sucks and well Catelynn and Tyler are amazing and even Amber with all her havoc has turned things around I think the porn in Farrah’s life just is not acceptable with a young child

  8. I HATE Farrah. Love the other 3 ladies so I will watch but whenever that fake wanna be barbie doll comes on I’ll walk away. I can’t stand her and she needs a dose of REALITY and I don’t mean on TV. She is a disrespectful, annoying, disgusting, sick/twisted individual. No thanks.

  9. Mtv is pretty much saying it’s ok if you mess up and do porn. She’s a spoiled nasty bitch who won’t learn any lessons now. And all of our husbands and sons can just go watch her videos? I feel uncomfortable watching her in front of anyone because of that. This show shouldn’t bring out insecurites in the viewers and it’s just wrong to let her back on in my opinion. Life is too short to have someone so ungrateful on this planet.

    • Don’t forget, Mtv is also saying that it’s okay to have a kid at 16, then get high as a kite every single day for the first few years of your kid’s life while you are trying to “raise” her, and then go to jail and be 100% absent from your kids life for about a year.
      And on top of that, they are also saying that it’s cool to get arrested 100 different times, constantly smoke pot, shoot heroin, give away your kid to your mom, barely be a mother to him, but then try and make it all better by having a second kid with a douchebag.
      That’s why I always tell my kids, “if you want to see how you should be living your life, just watch MTV. The people on that network have it all figured out.”

  10. I don’t care if she’s a porn star or chose that industry to make a living. I can’t stand her because she hasn’t shown that she’s a very good person. She is nasty to everyone she comes in contact with. And while I don’t doubt she loves her daughter, I don’t think she’s a stellar mom. I don’t really care that she’s back ok the show though. Its still entertaining.

  11. It’s whatever. No point in complaining about it. Farrah will be on the show regardless. Who cares.

    I will say that Farrah’s father Michael seems to be the most caring and involved parent.
    Debra is just there to make Farrah’s life a living hell because she wants to control everything that Farrah does.

    Umm, did you all notice Debra’s Cheek Implants?? Copy much? And Farrah got Butt Implants?? Gross. Kardashian wanna be.

    Farrah, please stop with the surgeries!
    You were just fine the way you were.

    The Only person that I see that is Really hurting here, is little Sophia. .
    Her dad is gone and she will never know him, and Debra could give 2 F*cks about it because she is glad that Derek is gone.

    Wow. What a screwed up family. I really hope that Sophia is reunited with Derek’s dad in this show. At least Grandpa Jerry doesn’t seem crazy.

  12. I think they are making a huge mistake bringing her back it’s clear no one on the show likes her. I personally think she is bitch and acts better then everyone else and that’s not the case….she is a horrible example of a mother for Sophia.

  13. They are all different, with different views and experiences in life.I think it’s going to be intersting having all of them back and see the turn out…no one’s perfect and this show can help other teens makes better decisions on having safe sex..can’t wait to see the girls back on.

    • YES! It will help teens make better decisions on having safe sex….um, even though almost every girl on this show that was supposed to help prevent teen pregnancy has been knocked up a second and sometimes third time. And they continue to get paid for doing so. Yup, I’m sure the message is loud and clear to all the teens watching.

  14. I’m glad Farrah’s bck she didn’t do ne thing to me and she’ll keep the show interesting to

  15. This show is supposed to be about showing teen girls the struggles that being a teen parent causes. The ONLY thing they will learn from her is how to treat people like crap and to spread their legs in front of a camera and sell it for money!!

  16. I could never stand Farah I always fastforwarded through her stuff. She’s just too much drama.

  17. All I have to say is that if Maci leaves, that is the end of teen mom. Period. So if Farrah bring back could cause that, then don’t.

  18. I don’t like Farrah but not for the reasons everyone else does. I don’t have a problem with what she has done for a career at least she’s making money and not living off the government. The reason I don’t like her is because she thinks everything has to be about her and the way she treats people and her parents. That is unacceptable you don’t treat people like that when they have done and given you the world. That’s why I can’t stand her.

  19. Me personally I like farrah I always have. And just because that woman went out and made a sex tape to support her n her daughter I don’t see nothing wrong with it. She’s a grown woman let her make her own decisions

  20. I have no burning interest about what she is doing or who she is doing. She makes it known to the world either by leaks or posters from strip clubs she is taking center stage at.. I’m not watching now the whole thing j just because of this decision.

  21. I am very excited 2 see Farrah come back she will definitely add some excitement 2 the show..welcome back Farrah 😍😍😍😍 BTW people who dislike her STHU… how does the way she live her life effect urs…. get over it she’s supporting her daughter don’t get jealous because u don’t look as good as her it’s always the ugly girls throwing jabs!

  22. i personally am completely fine with parents doing what they feel they need to do to support themselves and their kids when there is no other option.

    So… was farrahs only option to sell sex toys moulded to be her vagina and, did she really need to make a porno??

    I mean she does have a culinary degree.

    That lazy, can’t be stuffed working rather open her legs hoe, deserves every single belittling comment she gets. She didn’t need to sell herself to make a quick buck but she did. She didn’t need to conform to vanity and fill herself with plastic… But again she did. She is nothing but a superficial out of the box whore that has no personality or class and needs to get off of TV and into a psych ward.

  23. I just think MTV is kind of dumb for basically picking Farah over the possibility of more seasons with the moms people really want to see. Maci didn’t allow them to record Bentley the last half of the new season because of Farah and rumor is she wont be back another season….im sure Catelynn and Tyler will also choose to leave now that they have a child to for the same reason Maci might.

  24. I don’t like her n I understand that the three girls who are doing a lot better since she left there was not as much as drama when she was doing mtv but people know what’s right n wrong I think mtv shouldn’t have get her back.. n one of the 3 is leaving because she dint want her son n the other will soon leave and I do understand that I live in fl n I had to dance for $just to get my kids down from Pa n it’s not a place for mother be at.. other thing is she dance n have a sextap out what’s going to happen when she gets back on show n what if some adults comes for her daughter or her or both n kills them I would never put my kids in the middle of that I would never make a sextap . But know she coming back to mtv she will not have that quite place of her own people are going to start asking o make a sextap with me or dance for me I think she needs to stop been a drama queen n start listing to her mom n dad n her daughter her number 1 should be her daughter n not her … Every 1 have a right to say what they want to its not wrong n it’s not right

  25. It may be good that Farrah is coming back because it might show teens what not do . I don’t really like her just because she is really stuck up and rude to everyone I hate how she treats her mom. For the sex tape Ya she made a tape not something kids to see but she did make money for her and her child tho I think she only did the tape more for the fame and attention than anything . & she’s out of town all the time leaving Sophie home, She should of stayed in school like she was doing she was better off than tho she was still rude but not this mean and stuck up . Maybe all that will show teens what not to do but than they will see all the money and fame she mAkes and they might want to be just like her. We cannot do anything about it though so no need to keep complaining . I’ll watch it just for the simple fact of Maci and Caitlynn. Honestly Amber is or was like her on the previous episodes not as bad but still a bad role model who knows what will happen since she went to prison I hope she’s better . But at least Amber is trying to Change . Farrah loves who she is and sees nothing wrong with herself.

  26. Farrah is just a little slut who needs to learn how to take care of her child!!!!! No child should have to be subjected to what farrah has done, and I feel so sorry for her daughter having a slut for a mother


  28. Regardless of each of these young womens circumstances they each made huge strides at maturing and facing their responsibility to their children as well as adressing their issues. However, pharah has series mental issues and no self respect and needs serious therapy and shouldn’t be compensated for mistreating the people who have stayed by her side. Right or wrong every parent makes mistakes but they are still there and she needs to realize this and accept the fact that everything she is doing will reflect on her daughter as children learn what they live! She is a freak desperate for attention and looking for in a basement production co is the wrong choice but please fess up to it and take responsibility for your choices and stop blaming all your crsp on everyone else! Overindulged child. Not entertainment and dont care to see her anymore!!!

  29. The difference between Farrah’s mistakes and Amber’s is that Farrah chooses to be in porn and Amber has a mental illness called substance abuse.

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