The 'Teen Mom' cast back in the day
The ‘Teen Mom’ cast back in the day

A staggering number of ‘Teen Mom’ fans are outraged that Farrah Abraham has been brought back to the show. Everyone is excited to see Maci, Amber and Catelynn but Farrah fans are few and far between these days. Executive Producer Morgan J. Freeman doesn’t seem a bit worried though. In fact the producers are quite excited to have Farrah back on the show.

When ‘Teen Mom’ season 5 began filming, Farrah was not included. It wasn’t until later on that Farrah was asked to return. “Just looking at those three stories, ultimately, there was a feeling that something was missing and having a fourth perspective,” Freeman told TV Guide, “the four different journeys and four different sets of consequences, all stemming from Teen Mom — that was the right way to go.

Farrah will not be featured in the first episode but this is what the executive producer had to say about what we can expect from Farrah and her family this season: “Debra has been living in Seattle. She starts to sniff around to see if she can move to Austin. Her dad Michael lives there. Farrah definitely has some feelings about that. You definitely get reacquainted with the entire family. Farrah does a lot of traveling. She does meet somebody. I’ll leave that there.”

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