‘Teen Mom 2’ star Kailyn Lowry has always shared adorable photos on instagram of her children. Photos of Isaac and Lincoln together sharing super cute brotherly things has been a stable on Kail’s social media accounts ever since her second bundle of joy arrived.

Unfortunately there are ALWAYS people out there who ruin things for everyone on the internet. Apparently some people have been leaving rude comments about Kail’s kids. It has become such a problem that she decided to no longer post photos of her little ones.

I will no longer be posting pix of my kids. Don’t ask for pictures and if you’re thinking about leaving a rude comment then unfollow me. I don’t want to hear ‘you put your life on tv so deal with it’ either.” Kailyn furiously posted to her instagram account.


A fan pointed out that we will all see the kids when they are on television in the upcoming season and called Kailyn “attention seeking.” To this Kail responded, “right, I’m such an attention seeker that I will no longer get attention on my kids pix lol ok.

Kail DID make the choice to put her life on television and continue to film as her kids have gotten older, so unfortunately criticism comes with the territory on reality television.  What do you think of Kail’s decision to not post photos of her kids on social media?