What Does Daughter Leah Think of Amber Portwood’s Engagement?


‘Teen Mom’ star Amber Portwood is happily engaged these days, she and fiance Matt Baird are currently living together and plan to get married by the end of the year.

So how did little Leah take this news? “It was crazy when they met because it was kind of natural. She thought it was just so neat… to have somebody with mommy. She absolutely adores him,” Amber says in an interview with WetPaint. “He even talked to her about the marriage and that’s actually on camera so you guys can see what she said, it was adorable… and I was asleep so I had no clue.


  1. I am so happy for you Amber and you look beautiful. I have not seen you look so good in a long time. Good luck to you and your new mate.

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