Carly’s Adoptive Parents Reportedly Threaten to Cut Contact with Catelynn & Tyler


UPDATE: Catelynn and Tyler have responded to the reports of Brandon and Teresa threatening to cut contact with them. THANKFULLY the couple are not planning to cut contact with them at this time. We will see the couple struggle with Catelynn and Tyler about posting photos to social media in the new season of Teen Mom OG!

Original Story: In the upcoming season of ‘Teen Mom OG’ we will see the current struggle between Catelynn, Tyler and Carly’s adoptive parents Brandon and Teresa. The ‘Teen Mom’ stars want to be able to share their experiences, memories, and photos of Carly with the world but are limited by Brandon and Teresa by what they are allowed to post on social media.

According to a source that spoke with InTouch Brandon and Teresa are now threatening to cut off communication with Catelynn and Tyler due to their refusal to follow the adoption rules. “They’re not happy with Catelynn and Tyler’s behavior… They’re getting more concerned about Carly being in the public eye as she gets older. The relationship is really strained.


Catelynn and Tyler have finally shared photos of their 3 month old daughter Novalee Reign. While Nova can’t replace Catelynn and Tyler’s love for Carly hopefully now it will be easier to keep photos of Carly private since they can freely share photos of their baby Novalee.

Do you think Brandon and Teresa are being too uptight about photos of Carly being shared on social media? Or do you agree with them about keeping Carly out of the spotlight?


  1. I have put 2 kids up for adoption and I would totally respect their adoptive parents I’d they asked me not to post photos.

    • My feeling is maybe Catelyn and Tyler should back off a little they just don’t won’t to leave Carly out, they want her to know her little sister.

    • Maybe the adoptive parents shouldn’t have adopted a child from teens who are going to be on TV. They knew what was going on.

      • I believe all parties were under the impression that filming wouldn’t go past 16&p. None had Amy Ida that it would last 6 more years. Besides Cate and Th made the decision to exploit themselves, not B&T, they shouldn’t have to receive backlash from someone’s else’s decision.

      • How embarrassingly ignorant. They had no idea that 16 and pregnant, a documentary, would turn into 5 seasons of teen mom and become a big hit. They were the best option for Carly and if catelynn and tyler loved carly they woudl respect brandon and theresa as her parents.

        • Fuck off. Cate and Tyler need to get her back. Why do you think Cate is so depressed. That baby belongs with her REAL parents.

      • And now they’ve changed their mind which is totally acceptable. They are trying to protect their child’s privacy as she’s getting older and I get that. We must remember that they are the parents and so they have first and last say on how things go.

        • No, they paid money for the honor, they are not the parents. They shouldn’t have taken a baby from a young couple on reality tv. Idiots.

  2. I totally don’t think they are being to uptight it is their child they have the right to what is put up of the child Tyler and catelynn need to respect that .

    • No actually they don’t. They put the child up for adoption. Although they gave birth to her,they are not her parents any longer.

      • They have an “open adoption” and both sets of parents knew what that meant!!! If both sets knew that would mean pictures in the media, interviews, etc., the adoptive parents should understand this. Catelynn and Tyler did not put their daughter up for adoption because of hate, but, because of love, and, because of that love, things should remain as they are!!! Or are the adoptive parents trying to hide Carly or break the original agreements?!?!?! Be real!!!!

        • that’s the thing with open adoption, brandon and teresa actually do have the right to cut them out. the parties agree to a certain amount of visitation or say, pics sent 3 times a year, but it’s always made clear that the adoptive parents have the power. if they decide to, they can cut tyler and cate out and all they’ve asked is for them not to post pics so i think that’s reasonable. also, any mother, adopted or natural, ought to get that the baby they raised from birth is considered theirs and many women would not be ok with cate saying all the time how carly is her baby, her world, etc. i’m sure it makes teresa angry, anybody would flush red at another woman claiming the child SHE sat up with at night, SHE takes care of every day. they should back off

        • I think that Brandon and Teresa are being a little too over protective of Carly. Caitlin is the one that gave birth to carly so she should be allowed to post pocs of her daughter online regardless of how Brandon and Teresa feel about it

        • Technically because it is an open adoption of Catelynn and Tyler are unhappy with Brandon and Teressa parenting the way they do, they can go about getting Carly back.

        • @michelle … are you deluded? No an open adoption is still an adoption. And what is there to be unhappy with? They have said themselves they are amazing parents to Carly and there is no child protection issues. IF a child was adopted and the parents were found unfit the bio parents would have to become registered to foster in order to get her temporarily, would need to live in the same state so she wouldnt have to uproot her whole life, and then there is a tiny slight chance of adopting her back…but they wouldn’t be the first choice, first they would try to see if regular family members could take temp custody of the child e.g. an aunt that sees her mroe than 2 times a year…. but that will never happen because carly is a happy little girl and B and T seem to be fit parents, and a hell of a lot more stable than catelynn and tyler.

        • Kate, I sat up with my cousin’s daughter when he wasn’t allowed to see her because her mother is messed up in the head. I had uh er 20 hrs a day 6 days a week… my fiancee was caller dada and I was mama in her eyes. She is now 5 and lives with her dad and visits with her mom… I raised her for most of the first year of her life before getting cut off because I wasnt willing to go against court order which the mother wanted me to do. I am thankful she calls them mom and dad and not me and my fiancee… we were not her parents even if I was up with her all night every night… I quit my job for her! She WAS my baby but she isn’t my child! I fought the whole time I was mama for her to have her parents and I ended up winning that battle years later! Not everyone gets mad that the baby they were up with all night has another set of parents even when the other mother is trash and a selfish witch!

        • Totally agree. It’s an open adoption. They thought they would be able to see their daughter. Dawn did not look out for these young adults giving up their babies. I know plenty of open adoptions and the birth mom or birth parents babysit if go on vacation with the adoptive parents. Carly will hate her adoptive parents from keeping her from her real parents watch and see. See was so sad after a twi day visit. Like they couldn’t give them more then two days or go somewhere really private and jet the girls have a sleep over. The adoptive parents feel threatened and they should. Being selfish in the end will bite them in the butt. I’ve seen it happen , so don’t tell me I don’t know what I’m talking about. Carly now knows she is being kept from her birth family.

      • Actually they are her parents legally they aren’t anymore but they will always be he r REAL parents. Coming from being adopted myself you can never say they aren’t her parents BC they will always be by blood but they did give up the right to be able to raise her and other things there for they do need to respect the adopted parents

        • ashley, u didn’t legally adopt and spend thousands of dollars on the adoption either, u always knew u probably wouldn’t get to keep the child whereas b&t did all those and more with investing their whole hearts into carly. there IS a difference

    • No, they KNEW what they signed up for. Cate won’t get out of her depression unless she gets HER baby back.

      • Brandon and Teresa watched her do through such serious depression and didn’t care or once offer a visit from Carly. They are uptight and feel threatened by the birth parents. If they would share Carly they wouldn’t have to sit waiting for her to leave when she is 18. They could share and be open like it was supposed to be. They are hurting Carly who wants to see her sisters and birth family. I expected this from them. As soon as Carly is 18 they won’t have a say and then Carly decides. People want pictures so they will follow her then. People already know them and can find them. She goes to school and church. Look at their house and adoption video Brandon and Teresa are controlling. They want total controls. I bet these birth parents are regretting giving them their kids and concerned about them. Again why do you think the birth mom’s depression and anxiety is so bad and the birth parents couldn’t care less and they say they care about her. It’s almost like they losing a child, but they know Carly is right beyond their grasp. Dawn should have made sure their visits were written to once or twice a year. I would never trust her or Bethany Adoption services( believe that’s the adoption service they used.) They trusted Dawn and Dawn just wanted a baby and the money from the adoption. I know what it’s like to have a child die. It’s devastating. Waiting 18 years , because the adoptive parents renegged on the open adoption , of course they can come up with a million reasons to make it a closed adoption. People will hate them if they do esp Carly.

  3. brandon and Theresa knew what they were getting into when they agreed to adopt Carly. So I don’t see why it’s such a big deal. They knew cate & Tyler were on teen mom.

    • Catelynn and Tyler were on the first season of 16 & Pregnant. Nobody knew how much attention the show would get… Brandon and Teresa probably thought they were adopting from an average teen couple. Brandon and Teresa are Carly’s parents. Cate and Tyler should respect their wishes and follow their rules regarding Carly.

    • They didnt know. No one knew if 16 & pregnant would turn into teen mom & would be as big as it turned out to be. Remember they were the 1st 16 & pregnant girls.

    • No they didn’t, MTV were only filming a documentary series (16 and Pregnant) at the time and nobody knew how big the show (and subsequent spin offs) would become.

      • They agreed to an open adoption. Open adoptions work out well all the time and birth parents can see the children and even baby sit them or keep them for a weekend. Check it out. Brandon and Teresa want total control. Carly knows they are keeping them from her birth family. They are hurting Carly and in the long run Carky will hate her birth parents for it. Even in divorces it’s in the best interest for visits and to get along. Kids grieve too. Carky grieves did siblings and birth parents and misses her sisters. Brandon and Teresa are only protecting themselves. It’s an OPEN adoption. They should have chosen a closed one, bit they wanted any babies they could get, They were desperate.

    • actually originally it was only 16 and pregnant and had no idea it was going to continue into teen mom. I have given up a son for adoption and they request that i dont post any pictures. As Carly’s parents it is their decision on what is and is not allowed when it comes to their daughter. Catelynn and Tyler gave up the right to make those decisions when they gave Carly up for adoption. Unfortunately as hard as it is and as sad as it is thats the way these things work. And if they want to continue to be apart of her life they need to respect Brandon and Theressas wishes.

    • Right. They totally knew that the whole TM empire was going to explode being in one episode of the first season of 16 & Pregnant. They’re only in this for the fame. Totally. *rolls eyes*

    • Again ignorant. They were on a one hour documentary, not teen mom. They had no clue how big the show would become and if i were them i’de cut ties with catelynn and tyler, the relationship just isn’t healthy. They see carly as theirs but she isn’t, they dissolved parental rights as soon as they placed carly for adoption. The constant comparing between noca and carly is going to make nova resentful as she grows older.

  4. I agree with everyone saying respect Teresa and Brandon’s request, however sadly….they both knew thee couple was on TV and didn’t mind it when they were going thru the adoption and thee following years, and now they wanna change thee rules, then they shouldn’t have let them put Carly on TV from thee beginning…. My opinion only….
    However, I do feel that yes as sweet and nice as Catelynn & Tlyer are, they should honor Teresa and Brandon’s request and Carly can make her own decisions when she gets older…………. Take care and god bless your 2 angels Catelynm & Tlyer

    • First of all, they didn’t change the rules. But even if they had, so what? They are that girl’s parents now. They can change the rules any way they see fit to protect their daughter. If they feel like closing the adoption tomorrow and never contacting C&T again, they absolutely have the right to do so. C&T gave up their say in any of this the moment they gave their kid up for adoption. That’s how adoption works. Even though you gave birth to the kid, you are no longer her parents.

      • They had it put in the rules they could deny visits and change it to a closed adoption ( they are kids and Dawn dud not look out fur they’d best interests age just wanted a baby that she could make money off of ) and the birth parents didn’t know and trusted Brandon and Teresa. They thought they had an open adoption and trusted Brandon and Teresa who are now renegged in the agreement. Brandon and Twresea were desperate for anyone’s kids and they got two. Then they wanted it all private. They would have done it and found a reason anyway. Look at their home and video, Everything near and tidy and they run a tight ship. They want control and to let the birth mom suffer with such severe depression and not even offer a visit is cruel. Carly knows now and they will pay fir it later. Because they aren’t letting her see her birth family Carly will go with her birth family as soon as she is 19 watch all, because Brandon and Teresa didn’t keep the OPEN adoption.

  5. I watch this show all the time I member when they had a visit with her and they put in the show

  6. They should not have had Carly s pictures unline since she was born and even when cathlyn and Tyler visited with her if they didn’t want her in the publics eye

  7. I do think that cate and Tyler should honor there request, but if they where so concerned about Carly being In the media why did they agree to have there 1st year visit on TV and they also appeared on the after show of 16 and pregnant and they have also been on magazine and stuff so they kinda did this to them selfs

    • Because these things don’t affect kids when they are babies. But things change as they get older, and now they don’t want her shown on TV or social media. Seems perfectly reasonable to me.

    • It doesn’t matter why. They are her parents and C&T need to respect their wishes. Don’t question how they parent or their decisions. It’s not up to you and they don’t need to explain anything to you, or C&T.

    • Why did maci let bently on tv, then say she didn’t want him on tv anymore? Carly is older now, people would recognise her, she goes to school … she shouldn’t find out she is adopted by randoms who recognise her from catelynn and tylers pictures. The magaine was a long time ago, as were her 16 and pregnant and teen mom season one appearance. They are her parents, not catelynn and tyler, the fact they say carly is their world, their daughter makes me sick, how must that make the mother that stayed up in the night feeds, that fed her, cared for her, paid for her … and to then have someone go on about “i pushed her out of me, gave them something they could never have” is completely disgusting… putting another woman down for her being unable to conceive is disgusting. Period. Brandon and theresa can do what they feel is right for their daughter.

      • Oh, so the baby Brandon and Teresa conceived on their own doesn’t count? Bullshit. They were just being desperate and preyed on a young couple. Tyler and Cate regret it and it’s ruining them. You’re an idiot.

  8. If they cut ties with Tyler an cate all they have to do is file in court for visits or even custody my brother baby mom adopted his son out on the grounds she gets visits pictures letters etc…..4 years in to it they moved and broke contact with my brother and his baby mom so he filed in court won custody his son is now 10 living with him and his new wife.

    • I think now that Cate and Tyler are doing better they should try to get Carly back it was an open adoption and I hear all the time that parents get their. Children back so why not and while Carly is still young

      • Yes, and I’m sure that doesn’t mess the kid up for the rest of their life at all. No, I’m sure it has no lasting pyschological effects on the kid whatsoever, being ripped away from the only parents you’ve ever known to go live with complete strangers.

      • Wow…talk about really messing up that babygirl. You can’t just remove a child from their parents regardless of it being adoption or not….how selfish to do that.

      • Still young? She is six years old, remember that bond you had with your mom at that age? Yeah that’s what she has with Theresa NOT Catelynn. You are talking about emotionally ripping this little girls world completely apart, moving her away from everyone and everything she knows. Destroying her whole world and why? So the parents that placed her for adoption could what? Get their way? Are you saying their emotions are more important than their daughters and her parents? That would destroy a lot of lives, not just Carly’s but Carly’s baby brother who would have a bond with her, and Brandon and Theresa… wow… the selfishness and self entitlement is disgusting.
        Lets hope you never have to go through infertility … how would you feel to have raised a child for 6 years, as her mother, and then get that child ripped away from you knowing the kid would be emotionally scarred, your other children would be hurt, your partner and yourself. Have a little perspective.

    • I think they would win custody of their child…. Seeing that this couple went through an ordeal….. and over came so much !!!! Mentally she could say she felt like she couldn’t keep her because of her parents…. And now that she went to college has her own place she feels the lost of her daughter….. She could also state that she did ask for an open adoption and she feels they have not respected that on the grounds that she should be able to post pictures and things of the daughter she never truly wanted to give up if she was living with stable parents herself…. I truly feel she needs to hire a lawyer from NY and take them to court….. End of story…. Her birth daughter….. Her rights…. She human and has feelings!!!! She was 16 at the age and didn’t know any better!!!! teresa is a spiteful manipulative person… End of story!!!

      • Read my above post. Same applies to you. You are calling Theresa manipulative? Are you for real? You don’t know her so please enlighten me. Carly’s mother is Theresa, imagine you being six, having a bond with everyone in your family, then this person you see 2 times a year takes you away, you lose your mother, your brother, your father, your grandparents, your school, your friends, your after school activities, your house … you’re talking about emotionally screwing an innocent child just to give 2 birth parents that gave up their rights what they want. It doesn’t matter what the birth parents went through, they gave up their rights and willingly, HELL they even became adoption advocacy promoting adoption… so please enlighten us all on how they have a chance in hell of ripping this little girl away from everything and everyone she knows? That would in no way benefit Carly and the child’s well-fair should be paramount.

  9. My thoughts are that if they wanted to be this much of a part of Carly’s life they should have never given her up for adoption. They agreed to an open adoption. Yes but an open adoption is not trying to still be completely 100% in the child’s life. And it also may hurt Carly more in the end because she is going to start wondering why she was given up and not the new baby. Brandon and Teresa . Has the right to say they don’t want Carly’s picture every where on the internet.

  10. She has been in the public eye her whole life with being part of a reality show right from the start so why now is it such a huge deal? If they didn’t want her to be in the publics eye they should of hadle it all different from the beginning

  11. None of you are in their situation…yea they gave carly up for adoption, but it doesn’t change the fact that she is their daughter and they love her…Thats their baby! Our opinion doesn’t matter whatever happens, happens.

    • Actually it does. They dissolved their parental rights. They legally aren’t her parents and have no rights to her. There is no way they will ever get custody back. Ever. By blood she is her daughter, but nothing more than blood, and blood doesn’t mean much. The person you remember as being your parent is the one that goes through everything with you; feeding you, teaching you to ride your bike, taking you to school, reading you bedtime stories.

  12. carly is not there child si they dont have right posting pics of carly the parents have right to denie the media posting of thetechild than can not let the havepic of thete child

    • I agree…. And I feel that they should…. Chris Brandon and Teresa are messing her up mentally the little girls want to grow up knowing that her mother put up for adoption not because she wanted to because she had no choice!!!!! She needs to take them to court!!!!

      • She absolutely had a choice. They could have easily kept the baby. No one forced them too. Oh yeah, except Tyler. I’m pretty sure if you watch that episode, he was all about adoption and basically threatened to take off if Cate didn’t put her up for adoption. So yeah, they had a choice, and they chose adoption.

      • Are you only capable of calling someone an idiot because you don’t agree with their opinion? What a closed-minded fool you are. Personally I don’t care either way what happens with the C&T/B&T situation, but you’re idiocrity really annoys me. If you’re going to take the time to post a comment in response to someone else’s comment make it more than a one word insult. Grow up and stop acting like a bratty two year-old.

    • Lol, no they can’t. They gave up rights willingly and there is always a risk with open adoptions that it can be closed at any time with no warning. It amazes me that cate and tyler are suppose to be voices for adoption.. they said a lot that adoption was best for carly, that brendan and theresa are good parents, if they try get custody ever, it will be a completely selfish move. And if you wanna be technical, they dissolved their rights so legally they have no rights what so ever, especially 6 years after the adoption. A month, maybe, but 6 years, no chance.

  13. Sarah they gave carly up for adoption so how can they fight to have her back? Yes cate and ty are her biogical parents but they are not her legal parents. I also dont think cate and ty are the type of people to take a child from her family even though they are her birth parents.

    I live cate and ty and am happy at how far they havve come.
    Its an open adoption and they get updates and pictures of carly and i think that they should be allowed do what they want with them ie. Post online etc.brandon and theresa knew about the shows and had no problem lettung carly be filmed then so why the sudden problem with photos being shown.

  14. I think they shut fight for full custody for carly she needs to be with her real mom and dad there in a good stable place now x

    • I agree and they adopted another child…. Let them stay with that child…. And give back Carly the teens was young and going thru so much….

      • she’s not a puppy!! how would u have felt if at 4 years old all of a sudden a policeman shows up and takes u away from the only home and parents you’ve ever known? devastated and totally damaged, she’d never feel safe anywhere again! the girl who said her brother did that, he must have not signed his rights away or something, i’ve only heard of that once and it was with a native american girl whose father did not agree to it and she screamed bloody murder, as did her adoptive parents when she was taken back. they were young but their parents were urging them to keep her. it’d be beyond wrong to take her back, not that any court would ever do that

    • You disgust me. They aren’t her real parents, her real parents are the ones that have been there for 6 years, if you were the one struggling to conceive I’m sure your perspective would suddenly change.

      • You personally disgust me. People have a right to their own opinions and you criticizing people -YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW- for sharing their opinions which is what this post was for, is completely ridiculous. You don’t personally know the biological or adoptive parents either, therefore, you have no right to judge on what either should do. You’re just trying to make yourself look better by posting flames on anyone’s post that disagrees with yours. The immaturity of people like you make me sick. I’m sorry you feel so inadequate in your life that you have to go online and rip people a new one to make yourself feel better. Seriously, take a good look in the mirror before you bash someone else’s opinion because it differs from yours. Furthermore, opinions are neither right or wrong, so you can’t tell someone they are wrong for having an opinion. That is all. #immatureidiots.

        • Hey pot calling kettle black, who is also on this site posting? And reading all of my posts. Also I’m all for freedom of speech but when ignorant people can never see from others point of view. You seem to think blood is more important than anything else. You would quite happily ruin a little girls life and you don’t consider the person who wiped her nose, gave her breakfast, dinner, read her stories and treated her like their daughter as their mother and father? If you went through infertility and adopted a child it would be different because then you will be in B and T shoes. And P.s you disgust me is my opinion because your opinion truly makes me sick, i can share that just as much as you can share how you think they should fight for a child they have seen a maximum of 12 times in 6 years. You are the that is having to resort to name calling.

      • This isn’t about conception and their lack of it. It’s about a CHILD who belongs with her real parents, who are GOOD and loving.

    • When an adoption is final..its final..they can not sue for custody. I have been through open adoption ,so I know. Though I don’t agree totally with what Carly’s adopted parents are doing.about cutting of Cate and Ty , they are legally Carly’s mom and dad. They knew when adopting Carly , that they would from time to time have to deal with the media (taking about the show), and were fine with it in the beginning..Now, they don’t want anything to do with it..Its not like they didn’t know.

  15. I don’t agree I think cate and Tyler should be able to post pictures after all Carly is their daughter I think cate and Tyler should fight for custody of carly

      • agreed. Sometimes I wonder about people, who would ever dream about ripping a happy girl away from the people who raised her for 6 years for the sake of making the birth parents that dissolved their rights happy. It is about the CHILD not the parents.

  16. I think that they should be able to post pictures of carly what’s going to happen when they want carly to meet her little sister

    • if they have pics of her to have at home and look at, why is it so freakin important to post them?! u know, people survived for thousands of years without facebook and instagram, it’s really not that big a deal

    • With all the child predators out there, any parent has issues with posting pictures of their children online. There are many celebrities out there that you do not see voluntary pictures of their children online or in magazines. Why? Because it creates a problem. There are too many sick people out there!

      The ONLY reason that my son’s picture gets posted is because both my family and my husband’s family live so far away (his live in Ireland) and I keep my profile as private as I can.

      Regardless of who gave birth to her, that child is legally the child of the adoptive parents and in many states an open adoption agreement is not legally enforceable. (Including the one where they live)

      No they cannot sue to get her back. That is part of the paperwork they all signed. Some states allow a certain time period for the birth parents to change their mind but even that time period is limited. (6 months max depending on state and many states now it is done right when you sign the papers). The poster above who said her brother got his child back is an anomaly. Something must have fallen through the cracks with his parental rights never being dissolved. Most lawyers now cover everyone’s butts by getting the father to sign adoption agreements.

      This situation between these birth parents and adoptive parents is the reason why I want no part of an open adoption. You can’t just walk into an agency sign some papers and walk out with a baby. The adoptive parents have gone through MONTHS or even years of scrutiny. They look over every part of your life. Your finances, your jobs, your physical and mental health.. Anything and everything is up for questioning. When you give birth to a child, you don’t have to prove a thing about yourself in order to take that child home. If they did, we wouldn’t have so many kids in foster care. When you adopt a child, you have to open all the doors, windows and closets and let all the skeletons out. All this and then you have to pay the agency lots of fees ($20,000 +) until finally someone says “I want you to parent my child”. It isn’t “I want you to parent my child until I grow up or I get in a better place”, that is foster care not adoption. Adoption is giving up ALL rights to have any say in how the child is raised. Hopefully you have chosen a family that has similar ideas on parenting as you do. if you have an open adoption, you might get pictures a couple of times a year or a visit but you do not get to tell the adoptive parents HOW to raise the child. You gave up that right when you signed the papers.

  17. Posting pictures of Novalee will not make it easier to keep pictures of Carly private. They have nothing to do with each other. They post pictures of Carly because they miss her and they rarely get to see her.. It makes them feel close to her to be able to post freely.. That will never be the reason they post pictures of Novalee.

  18. While cate and tyler are not her parents and the adoptive parents make all the calls. I dont think cate and tyler were just trying to share their few moments they have with her,and let us see what she looks like now. Brandon and Teresa have agreed several times to have her in the spot light. So they only want it to be when they want to thats confusing. But cate and tyler have to do what they say to continue to see her.

  19. In my opinion, since I have a child I gave up for an open adoption, I do think that Brandon and Teresa are being a bit uptight. My daughter’s adoptive mom and I talk all the time and she has no problem at all with me posting anything that has my daughter in it. Including pictures and videos. I can also understand why Brandon and Teresa would not want Carly in the public eye but they had have know she was gonna end up there anyway considering Tyler and catelyn we on teen mom to begin with I mean really come on. It’s also not fair, yes I know life isn’t fair, for Brandon and Teresa to cut communication off from them and this is what really hits home for me. Catelyn and Tyler gave them the best gift anyone in the whole world could have given anyone. A precious child!!!!!! And from what I’ve seen and read it’s like Brandon and Teresa really don’t communicate well with catelyn and Tyler because if they did there would b so much conflict. Mind you this is just my opinion I’m really not trying to anger anyone and to be honest I’m not angry writing this I just wanted to post my opinion like everyone on here has done. Thank you for take time out of your busy life to read what I had to say and I promise that was not a smart comment I really do appreciate it.

  20. It is a really sticky problem I have a daughter that I put up for adopted and I now have a son and find my daughter and I try to make peace between both of two parents. I get pictures of my daughter the only picture I show is the one the adopted mother put on my Facebook wall. The only one see picture of her is my son. It all about making it comfortable for carly and not fight with the adopted parent it not good . You are hurting the child and maybe the other one because she going to get older and want to see her . And plus Carla might not understand why the other child is home.

  21. In my opinion, they are being a little uptight. It’s just pictures of carly i don’t see any harm in that. I would like to see how carly looks and see her grow up. Catelyn and Tyler did a selfless thing by giving them carly. It would be selfish of Brandon and Teresa to cut off contact just because of pictures posted.

    • Would you like your child to be posted for millions to see? Would you like the birth parents of your child to throw in your face that they gave you something you couldn’t have? Hitting at your weakest point. How about if they bitched about you on tv? Threw tantrums and said they wouldn’t have picked you all because of pictures? Meaning they would have picked somewhere carly may not have been as happy but hey at least C and T get what they want right?

      • I totally agree. It is very hurtful of them to say those things about her parents. B & T love her and it’s not just a pic on their FB like a normal person. It is a pic for the world share over and over bc they are famous

      • You are so annoying and ignorant.a legal document signed by someone who was emotionally distraught and didnt even WANT to do it but had no CHOICE to wilk never take away a birth mothers love! Its part of nature when u birth a child its like having a spare heart walking outside your body.brandon and theresa should have adopted another kid thats not on TV this has been devastating emotionally for catelynn and tyler anyone with a brain can see that…rights and legal documents have nothing on a birth parents love for their own biological child!!!!!

        • Birth parents have nothing on the person that actually raises a child! And ps catelynn and Tyler could have chose to keep carly, but they didn’t. They made their choice. And Theresa and Brandon probably thought a documentary would not have gone as far as teen mom did. I can’t argue with people that are so self involved and so deluded they think birthing a child automatically makes you a better parent than someone who would actually care for their kid. Ps, catelynn and Tyler were known to be pot users before carly, and they were arrested in 2009 for it.. A year after carly.. So I guess according to you mothers that drug use are a better option than someone who isn’t biologically related raising a child? So you could easily say you would rather have bio parents lke april of you could have a parent like Theresa who cares for your physical and emotional needs? Yeah thought so.

  22. Ummm yeah, that’s what happens when you give your child away. You are now the biological peeps who had her but PARENTS are those who raise. I believe C&T will always regret giving their baby up for adoption.. they now have to abide by the parent’s rules

  23. C&T are not and never will be Carly’s parents. They are the sperm and the egg donor, for all intents and purposes. If they can’t respect her true parents’ rules, then they don’t get to see the child they created, plain and simple. They have zero rights concerning Carly and if B&T don’t want them posting pictures, then they shouldn’t post pictures! It doesn’t matter why or what B&T have done with Carly themselves, because C&T ARE. NOT. CARLY’S. PARENTS.

  24. they should get her back and be the parents because the ones how adopted her are going to lie to her about them in the first place why would they do that that will want the kid to find out if they are really the parents or not to see how is lining to her she is going to want to be with the one how had her in the long run any way so they need to just let them post pics of her and stop being such ass holes because they new she was going to bein the eye of the public no matter how hard they try not to have her there because of the real mom and dad .

  25. How old are the people in here making comments?!?! The grammar and spelling are atrocious, but the mentality of some of these comments are completely delusional. Face facts, you gave up your parental rights the day you placed her for adoption.

  26. I think Catelynn and Tyler should be allowed to post pictures. Carly is their child. My son’s adoptive mother is horrible and has even called the cops on me for my daughter telling him he’s adopted. I have zero respect for CPS or adoptive families. CPS removed my son when he was born and forced us to give him up. I see him at local events and cannot go near him. Being a birth parent is hard. Brandon and Teresa need to lighten up and Catelynn and Tyler should fight for custody since they want to cut contact. Brandon and Teresa have had Carly on magazine covers so what’s the difference?

    • I’m pretty sure CPS didn’t just come in for no reason and take your son away. I mean the system is not a perfect science, and it definitely has it’s flaws, but come on now you really can’t sit here and say you had absolutely no fault on your end. This is not your typical custody situation either. This child was not removed from their home for whatever reason. They willingly signed over their rights as parents. This gives them no say in what happens with this child from that point forward! As Carly’s parents B&T have every right to say what is to be allowed or not allowed when it comes to their daughter. Period!

    • Well why did you get him taken off you? You have no respect for the families that raise children? Pathetic. And yes they had a right to call the police, and judging by your post it wouldn’t surprise me if you told your daughter to tell him he was adopted. You need to see a councillor about your built up resentment and how you blame everyone but yourself.

  27. lol the parents or not lol they are being selfish smh it doesn’t make sense!!!!! and fuck rules and laws! smh when Carly’s 18 then everybody will see who has say so lol Carly would want to get to know her parents and I’m pretty sure then they will take plenty of pics. respect is one thing but being selfish over a child that is techniqually not yours over some damn photos is another lol … they didn’t want to give that baby up but they had the common sense to realize they needed to. smh. stengy ass people…

    • I’m gonna guess you are a troll? I refuse to believe any person would have that opinion and be so cruel about someone who is a mother, but did not give birth. Are you truly that naive, ignorant and nasty? “technically not yours” … If you can’t have kids I hope you remember this post.

  28. lol stengy asssssses smh!!!! lmao shameful…. yeah they are the fucking parents but they did not carry that baby for 9 months go in labor for whatever hours and then only get to hold the baby after birth for what an hour? they did the right by allowing someone else to give Carly a good life. lol they are stengy over PHOTOSSSSSSS think about it you dumbasses and regardless of anyone’s say. WHEN Carly is 18 we’ll see what she has to say

      • Pregnancy and birth is extremely uncomfortable it’s pretty easy to buy a kid clothes and a carseat and show up to the hospital to take someone elses kid though like T did

        • You clearly haven’t had children, that it you are a shit parent if you think birth is the hard part and that parenting is just picking clothes and a car seat. Who has fed carly for 6 years? Who has paid for her education? Who has comforted her? Who did the sleepless nights? There is so much to parenting.. Not just buying pretty clothes.

  29. WOW! Some of you have ZERO idea of how adoption works. It’s really sad actually. Carly is legally adopted and there is not a damn thing C&T can do about it.

    KiKiG21 seems to be the only one who understands what adoption is.

  30. I think they are both right and both wrong. Catelynn and Tyler gave Carly up for adoption not because they didn’t want her or love her but because they knew that was what was best for her. It was a hard choice to make. That is still their biological daughter and their love and pride for her don’t just go away because they sign their parental rights away. They have to take whatever scraps they are given to be a part of her life and I don’t think that ever gets easier. I imagine its hard knowing you have no say over your child’s life and not being able to share pictures of her is just another reminder of that. Now Brandon and Theresa knew Catelynn and Tyler were going to be on 16 & pregnant. They should have known that despite their vest efforts as long as they agreed to an open adoption with these 2 their child would inevitably be in the public eye to some extent. Now they are right to try and shelter her from it BUT I’ll point out that when they adopted another child they did an interview with an adoption magazine that included a cover picture of the whole family including Carly. They put her further in the public eye. I’m not saying they were wrong for doing so because I think they are a great example of how wonderful adoption can be for everyone involved bit they should be more understanding of how Catelynn and Tyler feel. On the other side though Care and Ty have to remember that THEY chose Brandon and Thersa as Carly’s parents and they have to trust her. It is a gift that their daughter gets to have a wonderful life that they couldn’t have provided for her AND they get to be a part of it to whatever extent. They even gifted them with some of Carly’s babu clothes for Nova to wear! They are lucky! But Brandon and Theresa should remember that they wouldn’t have that sweet little girl if Care and Try hadn’t hand pocked them and they should be thankful for that and honor their original wishes to some extent to show their appreciation and make it clear that they will always be a part of Carly’s life. If they were all just a bit more understanding there wouldn’t be a power struggle. More empathy is needed on both sides!

  31. its a open adoption. Carley will no the truth c and t gave Carley up because they loved her but could not raise a child at the age they were at

    • i think that its not right ur roght catelynn an tyler have not had her her whole life she was apopted for a reason!!

  32. I think they’re being rude. They wouldn’t even have Carly if it wasn’t for Catelynn. They look so stuck up and act like their adopted kids pop out of nowhere! Tyler and Catelynn both love Carly it’s an OPEN adoption, they get a say in what happens too. It’s just pictures, it’s not like they’re trying to kidnap her. Jerks.

  33. If it is part of the adoption agreement than they should respect that agreement that they signed. And be thankful that they are a part of Carly’s life at all. If they push the issue the adoptive parents have every right to drop all and any visitations and future photos.

  34. I believe that Cate and Ty need to see Carly without the cameras around. Just for now. I have gone through open adoption there times, And everytime the people who adopted the babies were nice in the beginning ..and complied with the contract they signed..but its not binding..once the adoption is final..they can be as big as jerks as they want to. Not all are like that..but the ones that adopted my babies..ended up being that. If they don’t allow Cate and Ty contact, later Carly will resent them( B&T ) for stopping the visitation .

  35. Brandon and Teresa have an open adoption many kids are raised years not knowing their real parents nothing about them and walk around with that feeling of emptiness. They are all giving that lil girl something rare the chance to know both sides and that biological mom and dad her real parents loved her from the very second they knew she existed till now and wanted and still want nothing but the best for her. For them to share a pic of her of a child they let another couple who couldn’t have a baby raise. To give them a gift that is so precious in life, it is selfish not to let them share a pic or two of the precious life they let go to give hope to another couple that may not of ever had the chance, as well as this little girl having the life they knew at the time they couldn’t provide. Caitlyn and Tyler are not horrible people very mature and respectable for their age have alot going for themselves. They would never do anything to harm their little girl or her parents whom are giving her a loving and safe home. By working together this little girl will never wonder how, who or why. Of course there needs to be boundaries but if posting a pic is all they ask be thankful its not worse because some adoptive parents know it could be worse. Hope all works out your all great people.

  36. i think what caitlyn and tyler did in placing carly for adoption was a very courageous and wonderful thing. while carley is their biological daughter they do need to remember that brandon and teresa are her parents and they need to abide by whatever “rules” they put on the relationship. they did not sign up to be stars on the show even though they did adopt carly. caitlyn and tyler need to keep their relationship with carly, brandon and teresa private.

  37. eeerm maybe Brandon and Theresa are just thinking about protecting THEIR daughters privacy…………….C& T are not Carly’s parents therefore do not get to make decisions about what is best for her. Carly is now 6 and at that age she is becoming a lot more aware of whats going on around her and understands a lot more of what others say ,i wouldnt want my children hearing strangers calling another couple her mum and dad just think how confusing that is for a child and disrespectful for a family who never chose to be in the public eye they chose to adopt to become a family and C& T need to respect the decisions that B& T make as her parents because im sure C&T wouldnt like it very much if people posted pics of their daughter nova without prior consent.B& T are just trying to be the best parents by giving their daughter carly the privacy she deserves

    • Never wanted to be in the public eye? The birth of carly was on TV and brandon n Teresa have also done a magazine interview before with photos!

  38. It should come down to respect. Yes, Catelynn and Tyler are Carly’s biological parents. But Brandon and Theresa are Carly’s adoptive parents, and wants what is best for her. As any parent would want. If I were to ever put a baby up for adoption, and they asked me not to do certain things, then I wouldn’t do it. Anyways, having those pictures of your child that you put up, would be special ones that you would maybe want to keep to yourself and your S/O.

  39. It’s not a question of whether they are being too uptight… There are pages upon pages of rules and boundaries both parties agree to follow. Ultimately the legal guardians have the final say in everything. If they are breaking the agreement made, they can’t be upset when they get shut out completely. They aren’t the ones that have to worry about the child’s privacy every night. They need to be respectful of that. They are surely causing unneeded stress to Carly’s parents. David and Theresa opened their home to this child, they raise her, make important decisions for her, and are ultimately responsible for her well being, and here they have two people that gave her up telling her they are her parents, having another child and calling it her sister, and basically being disrespectful to her family that stepped up when they couldn’t. It’s seems like they didn’t want to step up to the plate, yet they want to call Carly theirs when it’s convenient. They need to step back and finally let Carly have a life with her mom, dad, and brother. I feel terrible for her mom and dad. I’m sure it’s emotionally draining to watch Tyler and Caitlynn act like they have all the right in the world to her. They wanted a child so badly, that they agreed to the open adoption, and now they have to give up so many private moments just to be able to love that child. If that’s not bad enough, they watch others post those special moments for everyone to see. Let them move on, and have their family.

  40. Catelynn and tyler will always be the birth parents and b and t the legal parents but having a kid myself i know that no one feels more sadness at losing a daughter then catelynn.teresa loves carly but it isnt the same as a bio mothers genuine earthy love.

  41. I think Brandon and Theresa should only be so lucky they got Carly and should definitely let Catlynn and Tyler post pictures of THERE child that I’m sorry will come to them one day because of there love for her. Those people raising her are not blood and blood is thicker! I would regret giving me child to things like them! Congratulations to baby them on baby nova, biological sister to Carly always!!! Get over it Brandon and Theresa!

  42. Invaluable discussion , I loved the facts – Does anyone know where I would be able to obtain a sample Temporary Custody Agreement form to complete ?

  43. What are the exspected to do just cause they gave her up means theyr not allowed to show the world what a beautiful thing they done they gave her a bettr life didnt give her away for the fun of it some parents out there our laying on their backs getting pregnant and not doin right by their children its called open for a reason

  44. OK, So Cate and Tyler choose an open adoption so they could still see and talk to Carly. Brandon and Tersea were fine with that. But if the agreement has nothing said about posting pictures, talking about her on social media then B&T have no right threatening to stop all visitations…They can say that they prefer them not to be posting about them but they can not threaten them with that. But to try and go for custody for Carly would not be right. Wither it was an open adoption or not BOTH parties need to follow the original agreement. Plain and simple. I love Cate and Tyler, but they need to follow what the legal documentions say as well as Carlys adoptive parents.

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  46. Watching the tv show makes me feel there do regret giving her up and both do pay the price and suffer with regret all the time there see the other children and now know their would have coped bringing a baby up and been happier sad story

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