Farrah’s Mom Slams Maci Bookout on Twitter!


The ‘Teen Mom’ girls have been doing lots of interviews and press for their upcoming season and Maci Bookout has been open about her feelings involving Farrah Abraham’s controversial return. She stated in several interviews that “there’s a fine line in what’s appropriate for children to be around,” and says that she isn’t comfortable with Bentley being on a show that involves someone in the porn/ adult entertainment industry.


Maci has made it clear that it’s nothing personal against Farrah, but Farrah’s mother Debra doesn’t see it that way. “Did you all hear Maci Bookout insult my daughter Farrah!” Debra fumed on Twitter, ” Maci put your self righteous, judgmental attitude away. It does harm to others.

Maci hasn’t felt the need to publicly respond on Twitter. Do you think Maci is too judgmental of Farrah? Or is she right to not want her son on the show?


  1. Ugh.. between Debra and Michael they’re just trying to get as much attention as Farrah. Maci was in no way being rude and Debraand Michael both need to know their place

  2. I fully agree with Maci!!! No child of any age should be on a show with someone portraying someone of adult content…its something children should not be subject too..until they are old enough to understand what she is doing…5-6 yrs old is not old enough to understanding the adult world!!!

  3. I totally agree with Maci I wouldn’t want my kids to be in a show with some who’s going to be appearing in adult clubs and is involved with the porn industries..

  4. I agree with maci she is not “judging” in a harmful way she is doing what she believes is right for her son and his well being. Last time I checked it’s a free country so farrah can do as she pleases but maci can also say what she wants and she is allowed to make her own boundaries with things. She is only thinking of Her son so she has no need to reply to drama coming from a 60 year old woman

  5. Seeing more people are normal like Mac I’d tend to agree with her. Some people are not motherly. Farrah and her mom are 2 prime examples of this.

  6. I so agree with maci I wouldnt want my child to be around that either I say take farrah off the show and keep the other 3 girls

  7. I agree with Maci because I don’t want my babies to be on something like what Farrah is doing. But a part of me Maci is kinda being judgemental but she is not trying to be she is just protecting her Bentley he is only 7 years old and he might not understand what is going on just yet.

  8. Farrah is so fucking stupid and she is a bitch to everyone for no reason Maci is too kind of but not really Farrah is worse than Maci. I think that Farrah is so mean to poor Sophia also so that kinda makes her a bad mom. Maci can be mean to Bentley too but at least she is a better mom than Farrah.

  9. Maci has the right to do what ever she feels comfortable with. If she doesnt feel right about Bently being on the show, then she has a right to pull him from him. She’s thinking about her childs best interest. I wouldn’t want my young child involved either.

  10. All Maci did was state her opinion. She wasn’t being Judgmental. Every parent makes decisions for their own children and Maci simply stated what she does and doesn’t want her son to be around. That is her choice as a mother just like it is Farrahs choice as a mother as to what Sophia is around. Farrahs mom just has a big mouth. Farrah and her mom are just alike. When they don’t like something, they make it well known to everyone!

  11. I honestly agree completely I would want my 6 year old son to be around that either, was maci being judgmental nope not at all, just liked Deborah herself made the choice on how she was going to raise her child, even tho last time I checked Deborah was the one being charged with domestic violence for assaulting farah. Deborah wants to attack maci to stay relevant same with her dad. Problem is they never were relevant. Deborah needs to step back and let her daughter be a big girl and handle her own

  12. Maci is right because I wouldn’t want my kid around with Farrah back on!!!! And because the have bring Farrah back I won’t be watching the show!!!!!!

    Love all the other teen mom!!

  13. I agree with Maci BUT I wouldn’t want my child on a show with Amber either with her always putting her hands on Gary. I Love the show and can’t wait to see the new season tomorrow night! It’s going to be intense

    • That’s kinda irrelevant. Amber hasn’t done that at all! She got the help she needed and now she is a much better person than before. You need to watch this episode and see how she handles things with Gary. Personally Gary gets on my nerves bc he is constantly acting like Amber doesn’t know what she is doing and she’s a bad mom. She’s not. Gary needs to grow up. Amber knows what she’s doing. And when Gary came to talk to Amber Amber didn’t even touch him.

  14. I think if we all shut off our TVs during her part of the show n the number of viewers drop then she wouldn’t be on the show. She’s disgusting and I feel sorry for her daughter. N if farrahs mother stop trying to justify then she could just maybe accept the fact that her daughter is a hoe!

  15. Farrah is a whore…she should be on posters for birth control. She is so rude to everyone, including her parents who kiss her ass. I feel sorry for Sophia. You can tell when Farrah is interacting with Sophia that it’s fake. She looks uncomfortable and trying to make it seem like ages a wonderful mom. Looks like she’s trying to force. With a real mom it comes natural. And the clip if her walking around with her butt cheeks hanging out of her outfit with Sophia in the room….trashy.
    And her whining, hideous cry face….ugh! It’s no wonder she can’t keep a man. She’s done porn, has a blow up doll of herself, sex toys molded from her privates and erotic books….to me not at all appropriate ways to teach young girls about teen pregnancy!

    • I totally agree with Maci… Farrah has became and ugly person inside and out. She shouldn’t been the show any more she’s a whore Mom .

  16. Maci is being judgemental because a sin is a sin what’s an appropriate is inappropriate she lives with a man and she’s not married with him she’s also love with other men and had them around her son I think she needs to be less judgemental

    • Were you drunk when you wrote this? There’s more to writing a sentence then just throwing a bunch of random words next to each other. The only part that is coherent is when you wrote, “I think she needs to be less judgemental.” So good job at least getting that thought to make sense.

      • “So good job at least getting that thought to make sense.” <~~~ is that sentence an example of proper grammar?

        I believe Tina was trying to communicate the fact that Maci living with different men, while her son also lives with them is not setting a good example either.
        It would conclude that Maci is in fact pointing judgement of a young girls behavior as inappropriate but instead she needs to work on what is inappropriate in her own lifestyle first.
        You can't throw all the stones on one persons sin if everyone also has sinned themselves.
        Who gives any of us right to judge? Why not just treat people (everyone) as you yourself would like to be treated?
        What if you were in Farrah's position and had the whole world speaking awful hateful things about you? Even if it were true! No one decides what position they may find themselves in and so I beg anyone who wants wisdom to always show mercy because then we will ourselves be shown mercy.

        Even if I totally disagree and do not like the things I have heard about Farrah, doesn't mean I agree with the others teaming up against her knowing it would be horrible if they were in Farrah's position.
        But just my two cents for what it's worth.

    • That’s not the point at all. There is a line of what’s appropriate, as she stated, and “sin” has nothing to do with it. I agree with her. When you HAVE CHILDREN and makes good choices, they usually WOULDN’T involved having you little kids on tv with a porn star!!!! HELLO!!!! That’s not appropriate. Bottom line.

    • Seriously when your a parent your not judging. I mean your speaking about her judgment nd that is a sin well isn’t your comment of her living wt a man she has been dating for two yrs before even moving in Nd they are engaged Nd pregnant. Sorry we aren’t in 1700-1950’s we don’t have to be married to have KIDS!! And to get married because of a baby causes divorce. She is amazing women and mother. And I would NOT want my nine yr old son to see farrah and her ass hanging out. So if you tell other ppl not to judge it’s a sin and then the next line your judgement of her is a sin. Talk about the kettle calling the pot black LOL

  17. I totally agree with Maci, i wouldn’t want my child on a show that features a “mother” acting the way Farrah acts. Its her life, but she needs to get together. Sophia, doesnt need to grow up around it either! Lets hope Farrah keeps it away from her! Porn is not a career a mother should have!

  18. personally, i can’t stand farrah, debra or michael. farrah is nothing but a whinny bitch, debra is a crazy bitch and michael is to stupid to have his own opinion or stand up for himself. i didn’t like her on 16 and pregnant or the seasons of teen mom. now that she has become a porn star and is selling “adult toys” i don’t think she has any place on this show.

  19. I agree with Maci! No one likes Farrah! She’s a spoiled, self centered, entitled whore! No matter how u look at it she did porn whether that’s what she wants to call it that or not! Mtv shouldn’t have brought back Farrah! I will stop watching the show if it means Maci leaves & they keep Farrah! And I don’t think Debra should get involved in any of this! Maci has a right to her opinion & she’s trying to protect her son just like any good mom would do! Yes, Amber went to jail & has hit Gary but she’s gotten her life together & personally I rather have Amber on the show than Farrah! Farrah doesn’t think she has done anything wrong! Amber knows she did something wrong & has come a long way since she made those mistakes!

  20. I agree with Maci…. Yes I understand Farrah is just making a living But that type of work is very in appropriate for the TVs show… It is not showing a positive influence on other teen girls…

  21. No one wants Farrah back on the show. She is a dirty whore and her mom is clearly on drugs seeing as she can’t even fous her eyes and always looks high. I’m sure if you took a poll everyone would rather have Maci than Farrah. Farrah is an over dramatic drama queen who just wants attention. Move along.

  22. I fully agree with maci! I would not want my child on a show with someone in the porn industry

  23. Farrah needs to be removed from the show. Her behavior an the way she talks to her parents is just disgusting. She’s a spoiled brat an has ruined the show since season 1. She has no purpose of being on the show , she just wants attention. I turn my tv on mute everytime her scenes come on cause I deal with young kids an I don’t need them learning how to be disrespectful . Maci is 100% right .. She honestly deserves her own show. I only watch teen mom because of Maci an Bentley.

  24. If I was Maci I would have done the so thing. She not being rude you is watching out for her kid. Farrah and her family just want attention ! Fully agree with Maci !!!

  25. Maci is a wonderful mother. Know how you can tell? Because she makes choices like that! She is protecting her son from negative attention and his reputation. I think they are stupid for even bringing Farrah back. No one really cares to watch her. Why are they using her story as an example still?

    • But Maci moves in with everyone boyfriend she gets and is pregnant yet again. Still not married. Why is she an example? Because she’s Maci? Foh.

  26. What what what??? Debra is worried about Maci insulting Farrah, but never worried about the disrespectful little shit that Farrah is to her parents? Nice, Debra. Please never wonder where your terrible monster of a child got her terrible monster of an attitude. She sucks.

  27. I sure hope Deborah sees these posts! Lady your daughter is a disgusting piece of shit! She takes it in the ass now publicly to make a statement and to try to make herself famous it’s disgusting. I was a teen mom myself and my daughters father wasn’t in the picture either and I fell on hard times with little to no money but not once did I think about putting my vagina in a video for all of the world to see. Great roll model for a child I might add….tell me do you want your granddaughter growing up thinking it’s ok to humiliate herself and your family like that? Honestly that’s all your daughter is teaching her I would be ashamed of myself. You probably just care about the money though I’m sure.

  28. I agree with Maci. I too am a teen mom and I have my own faults but no way in hell would I ever want my child to grow up around someone that dose adult videos flashing my vagina on screen. Its just going to teach your own child to do the same. Debra and her daughter are money hungry with no care in the world who it hurts. Ferraha’s daughter will learn its okay that all guys see what she has no matter what the age. Maci your a great mother don’t let others tell you different!

  29. I do agree with maci, BUT you have your child associated with a show about teen pregnancy where there was an addict who was a domestic abuser, where catelynns and tylers family are addicts and make bad life choices… so where is this line of what he can and can’t be associated with?

    • I think it’s just like Debra said. This was a personal attack on Maci. Nothing to do with what is good for Bentley. She is using her son as an excuse to isolate and judge someone else’s life choices when she has clearly made some shifty ones herself. And, why is she so quick to move in with all of these guys?

  30. I love how she doesn’t want her son around her but she’s fine with a drug addicted felon being on the show. Also why doesn’t she get off the show if she’s so concerned about what her son is around?? Oh yeah, cuz she wants the money. Shut up maci.

  31. Lady get your life everyone one here agrees with Maci. Your daughter is a reck she needs a lot of help more than DR. Drew can give her.

    • Wrong Donna. Everyone does not think Maci is in the right. She’s a hypocrite. Like some of these posts.

  32. Agreed with maci. If I had a daughter like Farrah….I’d whoop her a$$. She’s disrespectful to everyone she talks to especially her mom. I’m sure she wouldn’t want her daughter growing up and talking to her the way Farrah does to her mom. And FYI princess…..all that plastic surgery looks horrible!!!!!!!

  33. I agree with maci, Farrah is just so rude, i hated watching her half of the catch up show mtv did on them.. she was so disrespectful( and seemed miserable even with all the money and fame ) It’s just sad because farah goes around talking about kaitlyn and tyler but clearly doesn’t look at all that she does horribly wrong as a mother, I understand she’s trying to secure a future for her daughter but when you start pointing fingers at others make sure your hands are clean.. i used to like her , but fame has turned her into a horrible person.. i only watch for maci .

  34. I agree with maci. I have A 5&8 yr old that I would not allow my children to be around it filmed with.

  35. Farrah parents are just as much to blame for Farrah problems as Farrah is. I think Debra, Micheal & Farrah are all fake whack jobs. Poor sophia.

  36. serisouly Debra has said and done a lot of judgemental this to Farrah. Has tweeted and posted all the hateful stuff about her daughter as well. Debra, You backing her up isn’t going to make her come back to you. You yourself have ruin that

  37. I think maci is so stuck up she thinks her stuff dont stink get over your self look at yourself you aint perfect maci your just a self risuois stuck up women the show isnt just about u hun so deal with it or leave the show

  38. You all are hypocrites just like Maci. I don’t care for Farrah myself, but why was Maci ok with the other things going on on Teen Mom? Amber and Gary’s drugs and domestic abuse? Let’s not forget about the way Catelynn and Tyler were treated by their parents. Ryan calls Maci names quite often in front of her son. Farrah is likely not going to be stripping and making prom on Teen Mom.. she has just as much right to be there. The producers thought so, anyway. If Maci doesn’t like that, well kick rocks.

  39. I kind of agree with some of these but then again I don’t. I love maci. I just want them to be able to work togethor because I like watching both of them. Not to say that farrah’s not a bitch most of the time, she can be down right sassy but I can see she loves her daughter. That’s why I kind of want her to continue the show. But I want maci too.

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