Amber Portwood Says ‘Teen Mom OG’ is Her Second Chance


Amber Portwood’s previous appearance on ‘Teen Mom’ ended at a low point in her life. She said ‘goodbye’ to MTV and ‘hello’ to 18 months behind bars. However  Amber now wants to prove that she is a changed woman and ‘Teen Mom OG’ is how she’s going to do it.


“When I first got out of prison, at that moment I really had this thing where I wanted to prove myself, and when the show came back on, I was like OK this is my chance, don’t mess this up and show people how you really are. The positive side of and how you’ve changed.” Amber told WetPaint in a recent interview. “I want to leave my name with a positive aspect to it, not negative… It’s like a second chance to get everything back on track.

One episode into the new season we can already see the change in Amber. She’s much more calm and collected these days and is really starting to show that she has grown as a person and a parent.


  1. Amber you have turned into a beautiful woman and a wonderful mother. I know you are proud to have a good life now. Good luck to you.

  2. Call me pessimistic but I don’t see much of a change, i the previews we see her lose her temper with Gary and she still takes no accountability for her own actions. For example “I was in JAIL GARY… in fucking jail” … and the number of times she has said HE was going through nothing while she was going through everything… really he went through nothing? Being abused in his relationship, having his daughter possibly taken from him all because he was a victim … no you went through nothing compared to him, everything she went through was self inflicted. Not to mention she is engaged to someone she met like 4 months ago, has him around her daughter and also screams at Gary for having another child … MTV is the worse thing to have happened to Amber… she should have stayed away from the media.

  3. I can see she has matured and tries to stop drama before Gary or her mom brought it up in this first episode. I was very upset with Amber’s mom when she said she didn’t trust Gary. Hello?! He has been raising Leah for the past two years and she seems to be well adjusted, considering the fact that Amber was locked up. Not to mention, I didn’t see Amber object to Gary getting full custody. And I certainly didn’t see Amber’s mom step up to the plate. I’m really happy to see Amber looking better and putting Leah first. She seems to be on the right track. I believe that Amber hitting rock bottom and trying to better herself by getting away from drugs and her circle was the best decision she could have made for herself and for Leah. Prison really changed her and she even earned her GED!
    As for the future episode clips, we can’t judge the commercials without knowing the situation; we will just have to wait and see. I’m rooting for Amber and her journey to stay sober and raising Leah! You can do it Amber! 🙂

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