Amber Responds to Gary Shirley Calling Her ‘6″ Eyelash Portwood’

Amber Portwood Eyelashes

‘Teen Mom OG’ star Amber Portwood’s eyelashes have always been larger than life thanks to the falsies she wears quite often and that has not escaped her baby daddy Gary Shirley. In the Season Premiere of ‘Teen Mom OG’ a quick shot of Gary’s phone is shown while Amber is calling him. His nickname for her that appeared on the phone was “6” Eyelash Portwood.”

Amber Portwood Leah

Amber’s brother Shawn pointed it out to her on Twitter saying, “@ItsGaryTime. @AmberLPortwood ‘six inch eyelashes PORTWOOD’. WTH?” Thankfully Amber wasn’t upset by Gary’s jab at her lashes, she responded that in her phone, “his name is Gary the hairy fairy so were even lol

Amber Portwood OG

It’s awesome that these two have a sense of humor about things like this and hopefully they can continue to get along for Leah’s sake. We will see more Amber and Gary drama this season so stay tuned!


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