Teen Mom OG Reunion Filming – Behind the Scenes Drama!!


‘Teen Mom OG’ premiered just last week but the girls are currently filming the reunion special In New York city and it doesn’t look like the feud between Farrah Abraham and the other moms has ended yet. Farrah’s mother Debra Danielsen plans to do her best to put an “end to the hatefulness” against Farrah when it’s her turn on Dr. Drew’s couch.

Farrah Abraham Debra Danielsen

Tyler & Catelynn bashed Farrah today while filming for the show. Can’t be quiet any longer.” Debra fumed on her personal Facebook page. “Today I am going to speak up! Face-to-Face! My turn!


As you see in the Season 5 supertease there is a lot of tension between Farrah and the other ladies of ‘Teen Mom.’ Maci Bookout has been very upfront about her feelings about filming with Farrah and we will see their feud while filming on the current season.


“I want to set the record straight today while filming in NYC. The hatefulness must stop!!!” Debra says. Do you think the show will stop filming with Farrah considering how much it upsets the other cast members? Or do you think everyone should just get over it and move on?


  1. they need to stop filming with farahh it does not seem like she has changed her ways i think the problem is all the adult content that many don’t feel is appropriate for the show.

      • Absolutely. Jenelle’s behavior is one of the many consequences that can stem from teen parenthood. Some teens can’t take the pressure and turn to drugs. Some pawn their kids off on whoever is willing to take them. Teens need to see all the ways things can go wrong if that is the path they choose. Parading molds of your vagina around has nothing to do with the impact of teenage pregnancy on ones life.

  2. I am appalled that the producers thought it was a good idea to bring Farrah back…Hello, isn’t this a reality show about teen pregnancy and trials and tribulation’s that go along with being a teen mom or a mom period. But this is past ridiculous, your just saying forget the morals, forget the fact that we are sending a message out to young girls . You have now trashed the show and I’m sorry but allowing someone with NO morals and how she disrespects herself, her parents, her daughter..IS ABSURD! Is there anything left real about this teen mom? What message could you possibly think Farrah could have for a young teen mom that would be positive? I think the producers are more focused on the drama and ratings then they are about the real reason the girls were brought together to do this show. It makes me more then upset when your giving spotlight to a porn star! Poor Farrah my a** !!!! Its more like poor Sophia! Get a grip people . Most of don’t care what she has to say.

  3. i was watching reruns this weekend and after the way she’s always treated and spoken to her mom i can’t believe she’s taking up for her! nevermind the sex tape, she is just so rude and disrespectful to everyone around her it makes my hand itch to smack her. and the way she’s all mommy this and mama that talking about herself to soph, i can’t wait til the day sophia turns around and says oh my god, shut the f**k UP FARRAH! so she’ll know how it feels

  4. Well first off I couldn’t agree with u all more…. How Farrah acts is horrible. But want to share a little with u all. There is good that has come from Farrah’s story and that’s that my daughter get suvivor benefits. When seen episode were Farrah was fighting for benefits for Sophia I thought if she can do it so can I and literally went down to SS office right then and was approved that day!!!!! My daughters father passed away in car accident right before she was born. In fact the day I got out of hospital I had an hr to get me and my new born child ready for his funeral. I had c-section so I was in ALOT of pain but when I got discharged they was NO time to rest or enjoy bringing my new baby home cuz had her dads funeral to go to. I spent my whole day having people come up to me and seeing my baby and saying sorry for there lost and all I could do is keep my head down and just look at my baby the whole time I mean I didn’t put her down for second and didn’t want anyone holding her for she was new born and literally just got out of hospital but all I could think is gosh how bad I want to loose it but stayed looking at my daughter I just kept thinking gosh kiddo hope one day I have made you proud….. So with that said there is a man that I knew growing up and was actually in car with her dad in car accident and through the pain we grow close and ended up together and will I tell u guys he is an amazing man who I feel very lucky to be with he is my husband now and my daughter calls him daddy and he is VERY much so that her daddy!!!!! He was there for her through everything colds bumps and bruises it all and was sooooo very loving and still is. In fact her second word was dada when those words came out we both looked at each other confused like owe what do we do about that and I told him well that’s what u are and if ur comfortable with it then let’s let it be and can explain to her when old enough. And we did!!!!! She has a dad and a daddy but is very much loved by all…. But will tell u all what the dad he is to her could make me cry cuz had hard time that my daughter wasn’t gonna have a daddy and have those memories I did growing up it broke my heart cuz her dad was soooo excited for her arrival…. And right before her birth came his death. But my husband came into our life’s and has shown us sooooo much love and for that I will always love him and be thankful to him for the dad he is and didn’t have to be I mean after hard day work he will take her to 2 hr cheer practice or jump on trampoline with her he’s amazing man that I love soooo very much and think that’s what Farrah is looking for. I was there for a young girl who went through same thing and see graduated college and is doing great now and with tha said wanted some good to come from my pain…. And that’s what Farrah could have done with her platform but instead she worried about money and herself and for that u can see the girl is still in pain and it’s sad but also don’t know who she think she is treating people the way she does. Doesn’t matter how much money u have in bank when u pass way it’s what kind of person, parent and what u did with ur time here and she could have use what bad happen to her to do some REAL GOOD and with doing that and helping others would have helped her pain like it did me!!!! But for some reason she thinks because she lost her daughters father that she gets a pass for how she treats people and it’s NOT ok. Her daughter is gonna think she’s a not very good person after she watches all these shows she’s on being just out right mean to people. I can’t stand it and how she treats her mom ok we get it had problems with ur mom but u choose to have ur daughter watched by her all the time why ur off doing interviews and all kinds of stuff so if think she’s soooo terrible then why is she helping raise your daughter and second even if had problems growing up that still on u for how u treat her and cameras or no cameras would check my daughter for ever talking to me that way I mean we would have a real problem. And u want to tell Farrah I get it been in your shoes even spent the whole day when got out of hospital at my daughter funeral but need to take that and make u a better person and mother and life’s short so treat ur mom with some love and respect. I want to tell Farrah to get over herself and if she was kinder person and say hey look people I have been in pain and been not so nice to people but gonna change my ways she would be surprised how many people would support her regardless of pass choices!! So some good has come from Farrah’s story I’m proof of that…… But think that has gone now for don’t see her offering anything to anyone except getting more famous and rich and that has made her not a nice person. May have got money now but there’s more to life and bad things happen that money can’t fix so she should work on being good person for karma is a bleep and for all the times she has treated people bad could come back to her!!!! She could have done some real good but it’s a wasted cuz she’s all about Farrah….. I do believe she loves her daughter but also believe she thinks of herself before her daughter and others and that’s not being a mom that’s the opposite as a mother u always put ur kids first!!!! All I see is an unhappy self destructive and mean person that’s beyond selfish so she’s not teaching Anyone anything about being a mom cuz you should always put ur babies first!!!!!and she needs to really grow up for its ridiculous how she looks at people with those big eyes all rude like come on sweetheart be a big girl and use ur words lol….. I use to wanna see her win but now can’t stand her and think they shouldn’t let her on camera to make an ass of herself and make money doing it for her selfish ways brings nothing good to the world!!!!

  5. Also Farrah felt bad for your boyfriend meeting your daughter for she was being mean and rude to him and no wonder he ended up in bad mood but that could have gone so different with a little mothering from you. Poor Sophia was nervous and probably scard and probably as little kid trying to understand what him being around meant for her…. So with all those feelings she acted out what she sees from mom and that was being a little rude and bad…. All you had to do Farrah is explain to ur little girl that he’s mommys boyfriend yes but he wanted to meet her cuz mommy talks about u all the time and he thinks your an amazing little girl so wanted to hangout with us all together to do fun things…. So sweetheart even though ur nervous or u like him and in own way trying to play with him let’s show him what a sweet person Sophia is and when we play its in a nice way pulling his shirt and stuff is not playing nice and ur such as nice girl so let’s be kind and nice and respectful and show him the amazing Sophia that I get to see everyday!!!! And told her baby if if need to talk to mommy or don’t understand your feelings come talk to mommy and we can go talk in mommys cuz that’s what mommys are for k…. But instead thought was cute her being mean and slap his arm when just trying to get through it for NOT his place to correct YOUR child… And way u pushed them on each other just made it harder on both of them when trying to feel each other out….. And for that and the lack of parenting to guide your child and correct misbehaving that’s probably why he disconnected from u Farrah and was turned off by u acting the way u did as a mother…..,, for if you talked to ur daughter with love and gave her guidance through a new thing for her and corrected misbehavior that would have brought u all closer and two let him see Farrah as a mother NOT a friend to her kid and to see a mom being a great mom that would have turned him on to a future with u and stuff…. But instead he wanted to get onto that plane asap…., cuz you could see he wanted to meet ur daughter and really try with her which if any man gonna be around my child he would have to be super awesome!!!!! But could have made it a different experience for I told my husband at time only way u will be around my daughter is if ur amazing to her and for her and if gonna be around Iike then we both have to be on same page that this relationship is in it for long haul and if in her life that that’s cuz we will be married at some point but if thought for one second something not right for my baby girl all bets off I’m a mother first always and that’s what my husband loves the most about me and he saw in me a women he would love for his future kids!!!!! My daughter is now 9 yrs old and we are married and been together from when she was 9 mths old and can say we are a loving happy family!!!!!! So wouldn’t just introduced my kid to just boyfriend would have to be a man that is planning marriage and at that time see how kids do with him and have long engagement to make sure right for kids and any sign not right put things off till you know for fact gonna be good thing for the kids if NOT then nothing else matters!!!!!! Good luck though Farrah I hope that u can get counseling and really look inside yourself to grow and treat people with kindness and show ur daughter the old saying treat others how u wanna be treated!!!!! Cuz being rude to people and thinking world is all about u is no way to raise a child nor teach them how to be for she will end up unhappy too and thinking that it’s ok to treat people that way she will end up with unhealthy relationships in her life for any good person with any self respect will not deal with that and u don’t want her to have bad relationships for that last thing we want for our daughters!!!!! But the key is uuuuu Farrah show her a thoughtful kind loving person that helps others and not only respects self but others too that will go along way and provide her with tools to live a great life and to be happy!!!!!!

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