The Teen Moms React to Gary Shirley Condoms & Farrah Abraham Comments!


March 30th 2015 immediately following the 2nd episode of Teen Mom: OG Season 5 Amber, Catelynn, Maci AND Farrah sat down for an interview about the episode. Understandably Farrah separated from the group, she had her own small segment to talk about her feelings about the other girls.

Farrah Abraham

Farrah started off very sweet and polite, thanking the host for having her on the show but it didn’t take long for the bizarre comments to start. “From the past, I never initially got along with the girls, they had some other issues with myself from the get go.” Farrah said of the other Teen Mom gals… she then goes on to say that she would never confide in people who are “very fake, and not real with themselves, and kind of in denial and can’t empathize with someone.”

During the Couples Therapy Reunion last year Farrah and Catelynn seemed to have smoothed things over but as of right now Farrah thinks Cate is back to being a hater so she can fit in with the other Teen Moms. So how did the moms react to Farrah’s comments? Pretty much like this:

Teen Mom OG React

When the girls come back on stage after an awkward encounter with Farrah in the hallway Maci states very simply that she and Farrah are allowed to have a difference of opinion… and that’s all there is to it!

Another hilarious moment that I absolutely had to share was the ladies reaction to Gary Shirley Condoms. (In case you missed that these are apparently a thing now you can read about it here.)

Gary Shirley Condoms

This is abstinence.” Catelynn says holding up one of the condoms. “This is like… you’re in the moment you pull it out… ‘No thank you.’” Maci says “the mood is gone!” while Amber laughs, “I can’t, I’m done.


Maci says she doesn’t need these right now because she’s currently pregnant but maybe in a few months. Would you use Gary’s condoms? (Please say no.)

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  1. I can’t believe that porn whore said that shit about them she is so fake that she don’t have any room to talk. She needs to go sit her fake ass down some where and just she the fuck up.

  2. Farrah is fake from the inside out, who is she kidding? Counciltucky looks like an alien with all that plastic surgery. I’m waiting for her nose to fall off!

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