Chelsea Houska’s Reaction to Adam Lind’s Reported Vasectomy


‘Teen Mom 2’ dad Adam Lind recently reportedly got a vasectomy and Chelsea Houska couldn’t be more relieved! A source close to Chelsea explained to HollywoodLife that “Chelsea wanted to laugh when she heard about Adam’s vasectomy. She didn’t believe it at first, but once she realized he actually had done it, she thought it was probably one of the wisest decisions Adam has ever made!


Chelsea will always have to deal with the fact that her daughter Aubree has a half sister (Paislee) and that the two will have a relationship… but she doesn’t have to worry about Adam impregnating anyone else. So the next half sibling Aubree will have will be from Chelsea… if she and hunky boyfriend Cole ever decide to have a baby.


Chelsea finds it to be such a headache dealing with Adam’s other baby mama Taylor, when she she has to. She’s happy she can’t be put in that predicament ever again,” the source says. “Until this, Chelsea has barely even thought about Adam. Chelsea is so over him. Ever since she started dating her boyfriend Cole last year, she’s fallen head over heels in love. She’s so happy with Cole because he treats her right.

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