Was Jenelle Evans Left at the Altar in Puerto Rico?!?

Jenelle Evans Bikini

Jenelle Evans and Nathan Griffith have been living apart for the past month after Nate was arrested for domestic violence while filming for ‘Teen Mom 2’ Season 6. Now Jenelle is on a trip that was previously planned with Nathan to Puerto Rico. Many fans have been speculating that the trip was going to be a secret destination wedding.

Teen Mom Junkies obtained a deleted twitter conversation from one of Nathan’s friends talking about selling the photos and videos from the trip. He also hinted that everyone was in for a big surprise.


However the only people who seemed to accompany Jenelle on her trip was her son Kaiser and Nathan’s mother Doris. (Who was most likely going with her to look after Kaiser.) Jenelle’s depressing tweets from paradise seem to back up the theory that she and Nathan still planned to take this trip together.

It looks like Jenelle wanted Nathan there even though she (along with MTV crew members) called the police during their epic fight. Jenelle seems to be clinging to hope that she and Nathan will work out their problems. After rumors of a canceled wedding started to swirl she took time out of her vacation to respond via Twitter stating, “lmao who ever said I was going to have a wedding? If we ever got married it would be summer of 2016.. No time soon.

Clearly Jenelle is denying the rumors that there was going to be a secret wedding but it wouldn’t be the first time she has tried to “trick” her fans. She had a friend pose as her on twitter while she gave birth to her son Kaiser only to announce his birth hours later.

Either way I personally hope Jenelle can get off Twitter and enjoy the personal time to reflect on her life and relationships!


  1. jenelle, never, ever, make a man tell u he doesn’t want u twice! i know u have a child with him, but begging not only inflates his already huge ego, it makes u feel like a loser. get your career going and raise your babies for awhile before u worry about another man. i’d bet anything acting like u don’t want nathan anymore, being aloof,(not by dating other guys, just by going about your business) would make him nuts and beg for U back lol

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