Leah Calvert Takes the Kids and Moves Out of Family Home – Report


‘Teen Mom 2’ stars Leah and Jeremy Calvert can’t seem to get past last years cheating scandal. According to a new report Leah has officially moved out of the home she once shared with estranged husband Jeremy and into her mother’s home.

An insider tells InTouch (via RadarOnline) that Leah has all three of her daughters with her at Dawns home in West Virginia. “Leah and Jeremy promised each other that they would try to move on, but Jeremy can’t seem to get over the past,” an insider told the magazine. “He’s constantly accusing Leah of things— usually cheating.” Which is very believable after the way Jeremy publicly trashed Leah for cheating last October.

Leah and Jeremy reportedly spent their recent 3 year wedding anniversary apart. Leah has also been tweeting about heartbreak and sadness lately after the two un-followed each other on Twitter.


7 thoughts on “Leah Calvert Takes the Kids and Moves Out of Family Home – Report”

    1. She has a pain that will never heal that’s her sick baby and that’s the 1# thing throwing her over the edge no man can help that or meds then 3 kids under 5 and being alone because hubby away at work so sad don’t judge her she is emotionally lost looking 4 luv

  1. You know…when you feel lonely in a relationship, it is harder than being alone without a relationship….You don’t know what she had to go through while being married to him (and no, I do not condone what she did). I am just saying…don’t judge her until you have walked in her shoes.

    1. Don’t judge her? Why not? She puts it all out there on social media for everyone to judge. If you are lonely and not getting what you want from the relationship, then fix the relationship! If it can’t be fixed, then divorce the guy. Then feel free to jump into bed with whoever you want. Unfortunately, no one seems to get that concept. They cheat first, and that just makes everything 1000 times worse.

  2. Leah jumped into her marriage with Corey and she jumped into her marriage with Jeremy. SLOW DOWN! Enjoy your babies while they are little!

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