Here’s What Maci Bookout Has to Say about How Farrah Abraham Treats People!


‘Teen Mom OG’ is gearing up for Farrah Abraham’s controversial return to the show next week. During the recent after-show Maci Bookout, Amber Portwood and Catelynn Lowell sat down and shared their feelings about Farrah coming back.

The ladies all agreed that it’s understandable for Farrah to feel rejected and upset since she wasn’t originally going to be a part of Season 5 at all. However they don’t understand why Farrah is so mean to pretty much everyone around her all of the time.

Farrah Cry Face

From day one she’s never really been open with any of us.” Catelynn says even during 16 & Pregnant Farrah has never been able to express how she feels in a healthy way.

I don’t understand the way she talks to people…” Maci added after watching a clip of Farrah flipping out on the MTV crew members. “I my mom was in a room and saw me acting like that… no. You just don’t treat people that way, no matter how you’re feeling! If she feels a certain way, there is a way to get that across without being so ugly. You don’t have to be SO mean.

Well said Maci! Do you think Farrah will ever learn how to treat and talk to people?  What do you think of her return? Comment below!


  1. I honestly think she doesn’t even know what her problem is…. She’s a nasty spiteful person and doesn’t even see what she’s doing wrong…. Her parents do so much for her yet she treats them like crap and wonders why they do it back…… She needs a big lesson in life and when that happens I think it’s gonna be way to late for a lot of people……. Amber maci & catelynn are amazing and don’t deserve to have to put up with Farrahs crap………..

  2. When will Maci learn to talk without a giant sense of entitlement?! Or without being passive aggressive?

  3. Farrah has some serious mental health issues that she is not willing to accept or realize, and that will hold her back continuously. She is also not capable of accepting any kind of constructive criticism. Lost cause.

  4. Farrahs problem is she hasnt let go of the death of sophias father and blames him for making her life harder. she has a lot of resentment from that and probably her childhood and this is her way of coping with it. Shes in denial and cant see the light at the end of the tunnel. Think about it.

  5. Farrah is a very selfish and disrespectful person…. But what is to expect from someone who doesn’t even respect themselves…I do NOT like the way this “______” treats her parents and I honestly don’t see how she even has any friends….. Maybe that’s why she had to cry to her neighbor!!!!

  6. I think Farrah is nothing more than a spoiled brat!!! I know she has been through a lot with her parents especially her mom but the way she treats them is embarrassing!! Also she cried about her baby daddy!? Am i the only one who remembers her first episode where she said she didn’t want him in sophias life and was over him? Until his accident then the tears came. I think she hates herself and thats why she treats every one else so badly! Also if i were maci id have smacked the taste out of her mouth at that reunion taping!

  7. Farrah’s behavior SCREAMS SELF LOATHING. It’s in everything she does. She’s miserable. She has to do all of this stuff to change her outer appearance in order to feel better about herself because she thinks she’s ugly. It’s not working though. She’s still miserable. She’s shallow & superficial. Wears tons of ridiculous makeup, dresses like she thinks she’s some glamorous Vegas star, it’s embarrassing. No guys want anything to do with her (unless of course it involves exploiting her in some way), she’s a warm mess. Dude, she let some guy fist her in the back of a car, photos all over the internet, WHAT AN EXAMPLE TO SET FOR YOUR DAUGHTER! Oh, my bad, it was a limo not a car, you’re fancy. You’re classy… I’m not usually a hater but this chick brings it out of me, she’s THAT unlikeable. She treats people the way she does because she’s miserable, plain & simple. Happy people act happy,nice pleasant. She’s always defensive & snippy & bitchy. Then she cries because she KNOWS how miserable she’s acting. She uses the “oh everyone’s just a bunch of jealous haters” defense because it’s really the poor girl’s only line of defense. I mean seriously, what’s she gonna do? React in a healthy way, gain some insight, show some humility & humble herself? Nah. Not our train wreck Farrah. Instead, she’ll just keep “working” on her exterior with surgeries & tacky 80’s hair & makeup rather than looking inward & tackling those demons that will essentially set her free, allow her to be genuinely happy etc, nah she’s too shallow & vapid to even consider for a second that it’s her, not everyone else who has the issues. She doesn’t have it in her. She doesn’t want to admit she’s fugly inside & try to change that. It’s easier to just pretend it’s everyone else just hating on her cuz they’re jealous. Keep being miserable. We’ll keep watching you spiral downward, girl. Oh and that Simon douche, how much you paying him? He has no character, no integrity. Perfect match. He’ll let you down, he’ll turn on you, just wait. Again, we’ll be watching….and rooting for your castmates.

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