‘Teen Mom OG’ Throw-down! Amber, Gary and Farrah Feud on Twitter!


It’s been a little bit since we’ve had a good dramatic Twitter fight between our beloved ‘Teen Mom’ cast members… and Farrah Abraham never disappoints us on Twitter.

During the most recent episode of ‘Teen Mom OG’ Farrah decided to throw some insult at Gary Shirley for no particular reason.

Gary responded to Farrah’s mean tweet with “Dear @F1abraham yes I can see it! Just as well as everyone can see your money maker!

While Gary’s ex Amber Portwood found Farrah’s comment funny, tweeting: “Omg farrah lol the gauntlet is thrown haha,” she would later read about a podcast in which Farrah was interviewed that would have her furious.

(Check out the podcast interview for all of Farrah’s ridiculous yet hilarious commentary here.) 

After calling Farrah out publicly Amber appeared to feel a bit bad about her outburst and wanted to clarify that she doesn’t HATE her or anything. “Honestly I have so much love for @F1abraham and she knows it but hey publicity is publicity right…come on


6 thoughts on “‘Teen Mom OG’ Throw-down! Amber, Gary and Farrah Feud on Twitter!”

  1. Ugh farrah is so trashy y would MTV even waste their time again with this money hungry cum thirsty in denial wanna be malibu Barbie for.

    1. I agree with that. She’s trying to get money in the wrong way. she needs to step up and be an appropriate mother, instead of worrying about how many people she can have sex with.

    2. Sophia is getting the bad end of the deal . .what is the deal with Farrah…she’s got other deals with out . .being back on teen mom

  2. The only thing REAL about Farrah is her neck mole. Everything else is fake and plastic. And I’m not just talking about her surgeries.

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