During the ‘Teen Mom OG’ episode 5 aftershow we got a sneak peek of the Farrah vs. Maci drama to come. While filming in NYC Farrah Abraham and Maci Bookout come face to face for the first time after Maci temporarily quit the show over Farrah’s return.

farrah abraham

Farrah confronts Maci right away asking why she even showed up. The awkward encounter:

Farrah: “So Maci why are you here? Nobody needs you here.
Maci: “If you were my boss then I would leave but you’re not so…

Meanwhile Amber Portwood and her fiance Matt try to disappear in their chairs as they witness the tension building in the room!

Amber Portwood

Farrah: “I’m just agreeing with you. Why are you here?
Maci: (laughs) “Why are you here?
Farrah; “Well because I signed up and I wanted to be here.
Maci: “Right, we all are… I’m not gonna change what I think is right for my son just to not hurt your feelings.
Farrah: “Do you even know what’s right for your own self? What’s right for your son has nothing to do with me. I could help you realize I’m not a bad influence on your life. I have a child too and she sees me everyday. It doesn’t affect her, doesn’t harm her.
Maci: “I’m telling you it’s not about you personally.”
Farrah: “Well then don’t have a personal problem. Because it’s frustrating –
Maci: “Can I talk?
Farrah: “No, actually I don’t want to hear you talk. You shouldn’t be here.

Farrah and Maci Fight

The sneak peek ends there so we will have to wait and see what happens on ‘Teen Mom OG’ Monday nights at 10pm on MTV.

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