Gary & Kristina of ‘Teen Mom’ Welcome a Baby Girl!


‘Teen Mom OG’ dad Gary Shirley has welcomed his second daughter to the world! He and girlfriend Kristina will now have 3 little girls under their roof! Gary and Amber’s daughter Leah, Kristina’s daughter from her previous marriage and their new bundle of joy!


Gary announced his daughter’s birth via Twitter and Facebook but failed to give us any really good details about the little one. “Having a baby tonight! Such a special night!” Gary wrote. “All went well she is a perfect girl! Omg amazing!” I guess we will have to keep a close eye on his accounts to see if he shares any photos!

He did however share this super cute note that Leah wrote to Kristina and to her new baby sister:

It looks like Gary attempted to contact Amber Portwood while Kristina was in the hospital but it looks like he had a hard time reaching her. He took to Twitter to try and get a hold of her. Amber hasn’t said anything publicly about Gary’s new daughter being born.


  1. It should say two little girls under one roof. Kristina gave up custody of her oldest daughter. Because you know, mtv camera$.

      • Actually she wanted her daughter to be filmed but the father of Kristinas oldest had a court order protecting her from being filmed by the MTV crew. It was in a segment of the show because her daughter is living with the father not kristina.

        • I’m actually not 100% sure about this one. The impression that I got was that Kristina’s daughter would stay with her father during filming. I don’t think she signed away rights or anything like that. I also don’t think that she is absent from her daughter’s life based on what I have seen.

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