‘Teen Mom OG’ Stars Twitter Feud with Farrah Abraham!


Lots of craziness on last night’s episode of ‘Teen Mom OG,’ the cast came face to face with Farrah Abraham who is not exactly their favorite person. The onscreen fight spilled over onto social media while the show was airing so for all of you Twitter-less fans, here’s what went down:

Farrah (of course) started it when she mad a jab at (I’m pretty sure) all the Teen Mom gals.

Farrah went on to focus on her feud with Maci… Β 

She also tried to clarify once again that she did not name her “sex tape.” Vivid Entertainment named it and she had no control after she signed over the rights.

So how did the other ladies react? Well Amber had nothing but love for her co-stars.


Maci stayed classy as usual when it came to Farrah… but she also agreed with many fans who felt she was set up to fight with Farrah. She retweeted a fan who said it was wrong for MTV to put a pregnant woman through that kind of stress for the sake of television.

Catelynn didn’t really respond until today stating to Farrah,


  1. I still don’t see how they are mad at her about a sex tape πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. She just published something they all do in private. At least she not having multiple children with multiple men. She never had a drug charge like the others. She a successful woman building her empire. Every one quit hating!! Cause y’all are jealous πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚.

    • I personally don’t have an issue with the sex tape. My issue is her attitude and the way she treats people. Especially her mother, anyone who disrespects their own mother that way, in my opinion is a bad person. I’m not saying her mom is perfect but she should have respect for her. The only time I saw a little was when she was with her boyfriend but that was to be fake in front of him. What others with drug charges. There is one other with a drug charge on that series. She’s only successful because she’s fake.

      • Yes, her way of talking to her mother is horrible but I guess we don’t know the whole story. I think farrah is starved for love . Plus she kind of like me tired of the B.S!!

      • Farrah is a horrible person. Her personality alone sucks and she treats everyone like s**t! I feel so bad for Sophia who has to look up to her as a role model. She has a huge, hard, rock for a brain and never sees how mean and horrible she is. She is always the victim and wants pitty all the time. Not to mention the girl can’t even talk properly. She tries to use big words which makes her look even dumber than she already is! They need to change her name to Felicia and say GOODBYE!!

      • Yeah lol, I do lol. My bills are paid, I’m not in debt, my baby not hungry, and I wake up everyday feeling fabulous…. πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ŠπŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ˜ŽπŸ˜ŽπŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹

    • who has had multiple children with multiple men? amber has 1, catelyn and tyler have 2 together and maci is having number 2 with someone she has been with for a couple years. so 2…not multiple. very few teen parents stay together, that does not mean they are bad people by moving on and expanding their families. trust me, no one is jealous of farrah, she is gross and i would be ashamed to show my face if i was anything like her.

      • Okay let’s see… Gary has two baby mama’s, Maci has two baby daddies, jeanelle has two baby daddies, Adam has three baby mama’s, Joe has two baby mama’s….. None of them are married!!Maybe they should focus on the family they already have instead of creating more. Plus It hasn’t been that long since she kicked Kyle to the curb….

        • or focus on making sex toys that their children will see, or their wonderful sex tape. It’s shameful I would feel disgusted if that was the only way to pay my bills/lip injections/boob jobs. farrah is disgusting, end of story.

        • Maybe you should get a life and quit stalking the teen mom cast?!
          Kinda creepy how much you know about them

    • It’s not about her sex tape. It is about how she carries herself and how she treats people. She is very immature. She was unable to just sit down with Maci and have an adult conversation. Maci said it wasn’t about her personally. She has the right to parent the way she wants to. If Farrah was a mature adult, then she would have had a calm and collected conversation and she would try to understand where Maci is coming from. She is constantly rude and treats people like they are inferior to her. She may be pretty on the outside, but she is ugly on the inside.

    • Because no one else was desperate enough to do what she did everyone else was able to find money to take care of there family with out shitting on everyone else when she hates her self

  2. Catelynn never had babies with multiple men or drug charges, just some food for thought. And Maci is more classy than Farrah will ever be… They’re annoyed about it because it destroys the message they’re trying to send out which is that being a teen mom is hard. Maci and Catelynn are both adults now, they’re both vastly more mature than they were at 16, so I’m pretty sure if they can support the children they’re having then they’re entitled to have them.

    • Thanks for your comment although you are right Catelynn hasn’t had multiple kids with multiple men. But her and Tyler have both been arrested for drug possession. So what’s the message? They are not married, they wouldn’t be successful without the show. Frankly if you want to break it down the sex industry is a real possibly for teenage mothers trying to take care of their babies. No, nine times out of ten it’s not going to be this glamorous. But that’s your job as a parent to teach your kids better choices then leaving it to a show on Mtv to make the example for you.

      • It really seems like you are okay with teen mom’s going into the sex industry. Which if that is the case, then you I dislike you as much as I dislike Farrah. Everything she has is from making money having sex. With how many different guys? Who even really knows? Anything worth having, takes hard work and dedication which all 3 other moms (Maci, Caitlyn, Amber) have had throughout the teen mom series. They are an inspiration to all young girls and women to set goals and do whatever it takes to achieve them. Whereas, Farrah is showing all young girls and women that if they just lay on the back and spread their legs then they’ll get everything and anything they want. THATS THE WRONG MESSAGE!!! And with her being on the show again it messes up the other moms messages.

        • No, I am saying that none of them are role models. They all laid on there backs to be famous or or wouldn’t be called teen mom lol. What she does is no different from the others. That’s why instead of depending on some girl on tv to be your kids role model. Start to parent then and quit depending on tv to do it for you. That’d what’s wrong with America.

        • What are you talking about?? They are an inspiration to all young girls to set goals and achieve them? What goals have they set, and what goals have any of them achieved?? I don’t like Farrah either, but other than her, none of them have degrees and none of them have jobs outside the show. Explain how any of them have set and achieved goals? Amber was a druggie who was constantly high during every episode of Teen Mom. She made a conscious choice to go to jail for a year and a half and have no contact with her daughter at all instead of going into a rehab program. Wow, what a great goal! Caitlyn and Tyler did not even try to go to college or get any kind of degree, even though that was one of the main reasons (other than their family situations) they decided to put their kid up for adoption, so they could pursue their education “goals.” And Maci has been working on her AA degree for what, 6, 7, 8 years now? Every time you watch the show she has some other BS reason for not taking classes to try and finish what should have been a 2 year degree! All three of them have absolutely no jobs or career ambitions other than being on an MTV show. They are “successful” because they made the mistake of getting knocked up at 16 and just happened to get picked to be on a TV show about getting pregnant as a teenager. So please, someone explain how any of these girls are an inspiration to anyone?? Particularly to other young girls!?!?

      • Spread your legs to take care of your child? Um no, I am successful, a 23 year old mom of 2 different dads (oh my I must have had multiple baby dads saids the back job posting as team ferrah), bartended, worked 2 jobs, went to school and now have my degree in business management AS A SINGLE MOM with my first daughter. That’s hard work, anyone can lay on their back and record having sex to make money, thats lazy and shameful. That’s the message ferrah is sending to young moms out there. I have nothing against pornography but to be associated with trying to prevent teen pregnancy, that’s not OK. Maci made poor choices with loser ryan, she met a good guy this time and has a awesome boy and soon to be little girl and let’s just leave it at that. Who ever is team ferrah just shows that ur shallow, high matenince and I feel sorry for you. One day your realize how poor your choices are just like hers. She will be a washed up botoxed whore in 15 years, a nobody unless its for bad entertainment as a laughing stock. Lol

        • First of all, since everyone seems to be confused, the word “multiple” does mean more than one. So having 2 baby daddies does actually mean that you have “multiple” baby daddies. Not sure why everyone seems to be getting offended by the word “multiple.”
          Second, mama of 2, you are successful because you actually did work hard and achieve goals. You worked several jobs to support you and your kids, went to school and got your degree. Congrats. But that is not what any of the teen moms on this show have done. Most haven’t worked any jobs and haven’t gotten any degrees. They are currently getting paid because they got knocked up as teens for having unprotected sex and got lucky enough to be on a TV show. So in 15 years when their MTV money is long gone, and they are left with no education and no careers, they are all going to be a bunch of broke nobodies as well. They might just have less botox than Farrah since they won’t be able to afford it.

      • Are you Blind? Not everyone with children result to making sex tapes to pay their bills. That’s just some THOT shit. Working at whatever job she can get wasn’t making her enough money. Is it wrong? No but, don’t brush it off the sex tape. My problem isn’t the sex tape. Farrah lacks the respect first to her Mom. Second to anyone who doesn’t give her what she needs to hear. She needs to go sit here disrespectful, cry-baby Craig ass down and regroup. Farrah as allowed her daughter to disrespect her mom. Like really. Where I come from…if you hit an Adult u get your ass busted. Like come on.

  3. Farrah is the biggest piece of shit on TV. Please Farrah,nobody is envious of your joke of a life. You dirty,disrespectful,fake,ugly,ignorant cunt,PLEASE DIE!! Sophia would be so much better off without you. At this rate she’s the next “teen mom back door” GAG!

    • Like I said haters gonna hate!!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  4. That’s why your hating on the other girls. Haters gonna hate whether it’s bad or good.

    • Well I guess, but since I stated facts and haven’t put anyone down….your comment is irrelevant. ✌✌✌

  5. Like Catelynn said thy have all did things they weren’t proud of…. No one is perfect… I’m not hating on farrah but I think she is rude to everyone she has a nasty attitude toward her parents and everyone….. She didn’t change from making a porn, she has a sex toy line and a sex novel she makes molds of her vagina how does this help stop teen pregnancy or safe sex…. All farrah is all about is money and fame… It has gone staight to her head… If her parenting is always being away from Sofia and always at night clubs and shooting half naked…. She shouldn’t judge maci for her parenting( talking about does maci really kno what’s best for her son) ya at least she always with her kid…. Not out letting all the fame get to her head.. Just saying.. I don’t think farrah should have came bk to the show TEAM MACI, AMBER AND CATELYNN……

  6. I hope Farrah chokes on a dick and dies!
    #sorrynotsorry πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  7. I am not for Farrah at all, shes nasty, rude, and VERY disrespectful to the orher girls…Like Catelynn said you dont see the other girls tweeting 24/7 about Drama! The show would be 10x’s more better without Farrah!!
    #Team Amber, Maci & Cate πŸ™‚

  8. Farrah is lucky who her cast mates are. I would smack that ugly smirk off her face real quick and then see if she still wants to run her mouth. I’d like to do a few rounds in a cage with her. Someone needs to teach her what respect is. I volunteer as tribute! βœ‹πŸΌ

  9. Would someone just rip those fake tits off farrah already. She’s so fake and ugly. She loves the attention dirty little whore

  10. Don’t we all just fast forward during the Farrah scenes?! All she does is cry and talk to her parents like they are crap on her shoe! She has no respect for her parents, her cast mates or for MTV. If it wasn’t for MTV, no one would even know her name. Not knowing how to spell is the LEAST of her many, many, many problems!!!! Oh, and I also hate that she speaks to everyone in that annoying baby voice! I seriously feel sorry for her daughter!

  11. I understand everyone’s issues with Farrah but at the same time making comments about her daughter or wishing she would die is seriously immature and major cyber bulling. If you are all parents why would say things like that. It’s childish !! And regardless of what she does for a living that is her business she puts a roof over her daughters head and food in her belly. She is taking care of her child maybe she should spend more time with her but that is also on her she will have to live with that but making u nessary comments as the ones I have read about her is ridiculous and uncalled for. It’s her life she can live it the way that she wants. Maci has chosen to not allow her son on the show and that is her choice and she has that right. They were all teenage mom and honestly all them are sending the wrong message by passing off there life’s like it’s ok to be teen moms. All your children who watch this all they see is what it be like if you become a teen mom you can get on tv. They all made their career the same way. So just stop with the childish comments and also the talking shit about Farrah’s daughter that is what’s fucked up. You all need wake up and realized it is very hard to be a mom that young and none the had it easy. They all had the father of their children Farrah had to do it on her own from the start. She was a mother and father. The whole cast are beautiful young and intelligent women. So lay off !! And as for the cast yall need to stick together. Yall started this show together and all jumped through the same hurtles stop bashing on each other it changes nothing. Yall did this show to be role models so act like it. Part of being role models is showing women that you need to stick together and having each others back. Yall have been through the same things. That has to count and mean something.

  12. I am upset about the sex tape. The show is supposed to be about teens taking precautions when it comes to sex. Not teens getting pregnant and then becoming porn stars. I would not want my children watching a show that is showing the life of porn. No matter how they show it it gives a message of sex making her famous and making her money. Not the right measage I thought MTV was trying to promote for teenagers.

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