Lots of craziness on last night’s episode of ‘Teen Mom OG,’ the cast came face to face with Farrah Abraham who is not exactly their favorite person. The onscreen fight spilled over onto social media while the show was airing so for all of you Twitter-less fans, here’s what went down:

Farrah (of course) started it when she mad a jab at (I’m pretty sure) all the Teen Mom gals.

Farrah went on to focus on her feud with Maci… Β 

She also tried to clarify once again that she did not name her “sex tape.” Vivid Entertainment named it and she had no control after she signed over the rights.

So how did the other ladies react? Well Amber had nothing but love for her co-stars.


Maci stayed classy as usual when it came to Farrah… but she also agreed with many fans who felt she was set up to fight with Farrah. She retweeted a fan who said it was wrong for MTV to put a pregnant woman through that kind of stress for the sake of television.

Catelynn didn’t really respond until today stating to Farrah,