BONUS CLIP! Farrah Abraham Forces Father to Wear Her New Restaurant Mascot Costume

Fruit Michael Farrah 1

In a bonus clip of ‘Teen Mom OG’ Farrah Abraham receives a custom made mascot costume for her future restaurant and forces her father to test it out! So Michael begrudgingly dresses himself as a giant passion fruit named “Coba the Boba.

Farrah Abraham Froco

About a year ago Farrah was starting up a small restaurant dedicated to yogurt and other “fresh” and healthy foods. Froco Fresh Frozen was supposed to open this year but the project seems to be put on hold. None of the social accounts or website have been updated since November of last year.

"Blueprint" of Froco posted to Instagram.
“Blueprint” of Froco posted to Instagram.

Some of the limited information you can find on the Froco website in the “About” section: “The Froco lifestyle is about spreading positivity and passion to others and always keepin it poppin. Serving fresh and frozen food to keep us healthy, smart, and happy at all times. Froco has the fun with a interactive playground for all ages. Froco is all about the community with a theme for every day, a time for everyone to enjoy Froco and make it their own.

Here’s a pic of “Coba the Boba” being made about this time last year.


Watch the Bonus Clip Video HERE


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