Jenelle Evans Already on Tinder After Domestic Violence Charges


‘Teen Mom 2’ star Jenelle Evans and ex-fiance Nathan Griffith had a violent fight on May 27th when Jenelle allegedly showed up at him home smelling of alcohol and screaming for her son.

The troubled reality star turned herself into the police the following day with her lawyer by her side. According to Us Weekly Jenelle then immediately joined Tinder, an online dating app for your phone.


Jenelle’s lawyer, told the magazine “I think that in her heart she thought that maybe with them breaking up that they would get back together because they have a child together… and I think she’s just very hurt that he has moved on. He will do everything that he can to get these charges dismissed for Jenelle. He understands that she’s hurt because they’ve broken up, and he’s dating somebody else and things escalated in a way they shouldn’t have. But he does not want her to have any kind of criminal consequence for this.


Jenelle Evans actually met Nathan through a dating app just a few months before deciding to have his child. Lets hope she takes it slow this time.


  1. Just stop being desperate to have a man being by yourself is not such a bad thing but I know that someone is going to have something bad to say but I really don’t care. Cause men are know good and you can be really happy without the drama of a man in your life. Just stop worrying about being alone and worry about your kids and school.

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