Leah Calvert’s Rehab Treatment Reportedly Delayed Due to Custody Battles with Corey AND Jeremy


‘Teen Mom 2’ star Leah Calvert was scheduled to enter rehab last month but quickly changed her plans. Now it’s being reported that her decision to delay treatment was due to threat of both ex husband’s Corey Simms and Jeremy Calvert.

According to Life & Style Leah heard that Jeremy was going to use Leah’s absence to attempt gaining sole custody of the couple’s daughter Adalynn. It was also rumored that Corey was considering doing the same thing with his twin daughters Ali, and Aleeah.


She didn’t want to lose the girls,” a source told the magazine. “Now she’s taking all the necessary steps to make sure she not only takes care of herself, but also her children.


The magazine also reported that Jeremy and Corey have teamed up to help each other take the kids from Leah and that they are both working with the same lawyer. However The Ashley’s Reality Roundup reports that Jeremy will NOT be seeking sole custody of Addy. He simply can’t with his work schedule and knows that would be unrealistic. It is believed that Leah tried to convince Jeremy and Corey to wait until her return from rehab to do anything. Leah still maintains that her stint in rehab is for “stress” not drugs. However the TM2 Season 6 Trailer suggests otherwise! Watch that video here. 

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