Catelynn & Tyler Finalize Their Wedding Plans!


‘Teen Mom OG’ stars Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra are FINALLY tying the knot this August at Castle Farms in Charlevoix Michigan!

Catelynn and Tyler visited with their wedding planner, Johanna Alexander at Castle Farms on June 10th to finalize their wedding plans.


“It’s so exciting finalizing our wedding plans! Thanks to Johanna & Castle Farms for helping us make this special day perfect, we are so excited! #10weeksToGo #10YearsStrongTogether,” Tyler gushed on Instagram.

“Thank you so much @castlefarms for working with us! The castle is absolutely amazing and in Michigan which makes it 10 times cooler!! Looking forward to august! #michiganweddings” Catelynn added on her instagram account.

castle farms

Check out this video footage of Castle Farms in Michigan. The place is absolutely beautiful!


  1. He just in it for the money right now. He’s famous and as soon as the show and money is gone he will be too. You already know he’s cheating on her with some hot chicks. Cause she’s not at all good looking. It’s a free dream wedding for her and free advertising for the wedding planners. Shows over and moneys gone he is going to find himself a hot chick. I give it a year maybe two.

    • How can you even say that about this beautiful couple. Is it cuz you think your so much better then them. Grow the fuck up and stopping judging. They have been through a lot and are very happy together. Plus Catilyn is a very beautiful woman. #stopyourhating.

      • Definitely don’t think I’m better than them. There on tv making all kinds of money. Just think its funny that all you guys think you know them so well cause of the little bit you see on tv the stuff the show wants you to see. Just like Farah all they show is her trippin and yelling. I’m sure she’s not always like that. She gets a bad wrap cause she knows how to make money. Kind of crazy.

      • Think he got kid think tyler not in For the money lol I think yall wrong about tyler Katelyn very beautiful mom tyler has also point that to Katelyn in Tennessee mom show I herd him say. That Katelyn is beautiful think they are happy together.

        • Think tyler realize after they been thru I don’t think tyler gonna walk way from the mother wich Katelyn tyler has pointed it to Katelyn that told her she beautiful doesn’t matter whatever does she will always be beautiful tyler words wow why be so judgemental on them teen mom show.

    • what a dumbfuck nondumptruck you are Mr. Steuver. Shame on you for being such an asshole to people you don’t even know.

  2. Oh wow, really? That’s what you have to say. Try to sound more educated then you are, please. If you knew anything about this couple, they have been through so much together and they will never separate. She is beautiful to him (I think she’s pretty cute, too) and she’s an amazing person, which I think makes her one hell of a person.

    • I’m sure your right. You know so much about them from watching the show you guys are like best friends. They probably call you on the phone. You don’t think that wedding is free. She won’t let him pass that up. He’s got a side chick I promise you that.

      • Is that a fact you think?? Hmmm.. sounds like you may know a lil bit too much about side bitches. Keep that soap on a rope that I made for ya tied tight cuz your ass will be loose as goose soon. ROTF LMAO

  3. First I would like to say congrats to the beautiful couple on being able to finalize their dream wedding! You two deserve to be happy after everything you have been through. Now on to replying to the rude comment above. You don’t know them. They have been through a lot together and for their relationship to be standing so strong is amazing. Tyler really is a stand up guy! He stuck my Catelyn through thick and thin and I truly believe he is deeply in love with her. As she is with him. And who are you to judge what she looks like. She is a beautiful young women who has given birth to two beautiful little girls! And as far as him having a “side chick”, don’t you think that with all the cameras around they would catch something like that! The two of them are high school sweethearts, which is rare these days! If you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all! They don’t need anymore negativity in their lives than they have already had to endure! Rant over..

  4. Congratulations Catelynn and Tyler wish all the best!!!! Ten years is a long time to be together considering how young you were when you got together and all that you have been through together. Love you guys xoxo little Nova is beautiful

  5. Well, now we can all tell what kind of husband Stephen Steuver will make some day. I hope you are lucky enough to find a girl that won’t feel the need for a guy-on-the-side to help her suffer through the likes of you.

  6. Honestly no one knows what’s going on in their relationship, not from watching the show or if you know them personally. Maybe they are what they appear to be on television, then again they might now be. But in all actuality only Catelynn and Tyler knows. I would hope that they are happy and getting married for the right reason. I think Catelynn is beautiful on the outside and if the television shows the real her then she’s a pretty great person on the inside and so is Tyler. So I agree, congratulations are in order, may their union bring happiness to family.

  7. omg congrats guys you are amazing always have loved you guys you r the best couple congrats you are awsome as.

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