Corey Simms Once Again Battling for Custody of Twin Daughters


‘Teen Mom 2’ star Leah Calvert is currently in a rehab facility while her ex husband Corey Simms reportedly plans to fight for custody of his twin daughters Ali and Aleeah Simms.

With her drug and emotional issues, Corey doesn’t think Leah is in any shape to be a good mother right now,” an insider told RadarOnline. “He will stop at nothing to make sure his girls are in safe hands.

Aleah & Ali w/Leah at Cheer Banquet
Aleah & Ali w/Leah at Cheer Banquet

Leah already has a new boyfriend who she has allegedly had living with her and her three daughters at Momma Dawn’s house. (Read all about that here. ) There is even a photo that suggests she has had this man sleeping in the same bed with her girls after only knowing him for a month. (It is believed that she covered his face with a heart. She also tagged him in the photo. See that here.)

There have been numerous reports of Leah’s alleged drug use but she still seems to be using “stress, anxiety and depression” as her reasons for entering rehab. Do you think Corey is right to be worried about his girls?


  1. I think Corey should have done that long before now. She’s totally an unfit mother and has no business raising children. Look at the makeup on her children at the ages they are now…if she keeps raising them they will become more than just teen moms!

  2. I think both the fathers and the mother need to step up and do what’s best for their children. I think Leah is trying to do what’s best now by stepping away and getting herself together. I think that makes her a better mother than before because as hard as it is to leave her children, she’s doing it in order to become the mother they need. Would I call her unfit because she allowed her children to have on make-up, no! I think it’s inappropriate for my children but I don’t think it’s a big enough issue to call someone unfit. But if what they are saying about Leah is true then that might be a reason to call her unfit. I would also feel that Corey isn’t wrong and that both he and Jeremy should have been stepped up for their children. Hopefully everything works out for the girls, so they are in a safe and healthy environment.

      • How is Jeremy having custody going to be any better if he is always away for work? That little girl is going to have all sorts of issues as she gets older.

  3. There was a time when Leah was truly a good mom…but regardless, I would rather there still be joint custody but a change as to where the girls reside. Cory should have primary residency with Leah having time, only if she is fit. As to Jeremy’s girl, that one is really hard since Jeremy is always working and doesn’t seem as vested in his child. The sad thing about all this is there are 3 innocent lives that are caught in this mess.

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