Jenelle Evans Was Offered HOW MUCH For a Sex Tape???


I told you guys a while ago about Jenelle being offered a porn deal but what I didn’t know was how much money she was offered to do it.

According to an exclusive interview by The Ashley’s Reality Roundup Jenelle says she was offered a whopping 1.5 Million to film a porn movie. “I told my lawyer to respond for me and say, ‘No thank you, not interested but flattered.

Thankfully Jenelle decided against filming the sex tape and is continuing college in order to work in the medical field.


2 thoughts on “Jenelle Evans Was Offered HOW MUCH For a Sex Tape???”

  1. She should have taken the money! I am a nurse and I know Jenelle will NEVER get a job in the medical field, that is like putting a rat in a cheese factory……… will never happen, she has too much of a history with drugs!

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