VIDEO: Jenelle Evans Gives Her Dog a Lit Firecracker on Independence Day

Jenelle Evans Dog Abuse

Sometimes it’s just impossible for me to be objective when writing about stuff like this. I really can’t for the life of me understand what ‘Teen Mom 2’ star Jenelle Evans was thinking when she called her dog Jax to play with some sort of firework/cracker/sparkler… let alone what she was thinking when filming it and posting it to the internet.

Jenelle Evans Jax

Below is the video that was quickly deleted from Jenelle’s social media on July 4th 2015. In the video you hear Jenelle call for Jax and then light the firework. She tosses it to the ground where the dog immediately lunges at it right before it erupts in hot sparks. Jax quickly backs off but continues to lunge toward the firework biting at the embers.  You can also hear what sounds like Jace laughing in the background.

Warning: If you are an animal lover prepare to have your blood boil.

The reality star immediately received a huge backlash from her followers with comments like: “you are an absolutely horrible pet owner. How do you not know that’s a bad idea?! Wtf is the matter with you?

Jenelle’s only response to the video that I’ve been able to find is a single tweet stating: “I’m never posting anything about my dog ever again.” Back in Juy of last year Jenelle had animal control called due to leaving one of her dogs outside during a storm, which incidentally happened just after a shocking episode of ‘Teen Mom 2’ that showed Jenelle “abusing” her dogs. Even PETA has come forward and expressed their concern for Jenelle’s pets. What do you think?

Jenelle Evans has responded to the backlash she received for allowing her dog too close to a lit firework. The controversial Teen Mom 2 star told TMZ, in a video interview, that she did nothing wrong. Jenelle admits on camera that her dog Jax was repeatedly attacking and knocking over the fireworks. Instead of putting Jax in the house Jenelle teased the dog and found it funny that he was trying to catch the fireworks. Jenelle also admits that Jace was in the yard with her for the incident. She says that the video is just like many we see on ‘America’s Funniest Home Videos’ and it’s completely harmless… although she is sorry that people were offended. 



  1. I hope they come and get the dog and ban her from ever owning animals again. Someone needs to talk to her impressionable 6 yr old son too. She’s a ridiculous human being. What a waste of a life

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  3. Jenelle is either dumb as a box of rocks,or she looking for more attention by doing this. Anyone person with a brain knows you don’t light a firework off and let your dog bite at it. Would you light it and let your children grab at it Jenelle?! She should have put the fog in the house. Most dogs hate loud noises, especially fireworks.
    Jenelle you are just a dumbass regardless. You shouldn’t have children or animals!!

    • So, Jenelle can treat her mom like shit and abandon her first son for years, and you’re cool with that. She can put her own need to constantly have a loser boyfriend before her son’s well being, and you’re cool with that too. But now that she put her dog in harms way….now you hate her? This is what made you angry at her? What the f*ck is wrong with your priorities? I mean, I like pets too, but how in the hell were you ever a fan of hers before this happened?

  4. WTF! Pop culture is sick! SHE BELONGS IN A MENTAL HOSPITAL! !!!!!!!!! NOT ON TV !!! AND NEVER AROUND CHILDEN OR ANIMALS. …. fuck you MTV for not CUTTING her off…. Disgusting waste of life…

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