‘Teen Mom 2’ Recap Season 6 Episode 1 ‘Keep It Moving’


When we last saw the ladies of ‘Teen Mom 2’ it seemed like the drama was just getting started. Leah Calvert and Corey Simms entered into a custody battle over twin daughters Ali and Aleeah, Jenelle and Nathan had a baby and were working to gain custody of Jenelle’s first son Jace, Chelsea got her cosmetology license and started her career, and Kailyn and Javi started their life together in a new home with a new baby but started having trouble in their marriage.

In the Season 6 premiere of ‘Teen Mom 2’ we are thrown right back into the girls world and problems. Keep reading to find out what happened with each girl in this episode break down. 

Leah Calvert Season 6


Right now Leah and Corey are fighting over their daughters Ali and Aleeah. Corey doesn’t think Leah is doing what she needs to do as a mother and is furious that Ali has been late and absent from school and physical therapy.

Meanwhile Jeremy is home from work for once so the couple try to have dinner out together alone. Their nice quality time quickly turned to fighting when Leah once again accused Jeremy of putting his work ahead of his family. Jeremy tries to explain that he puts more into his work now so that he can take care of Leah and the girls, pay all the bills and car payments etc. He ends up storming off.

Later Leah and Corey go to court. He doesn’t get full custody but instead will alternate weeks of picking the girls up from school and taking Ali to therapy. Needless to say Corey was upset with the outcome and still wants Leah to compromise so he can have more time with the girls. He says to her that he doesn’t want to be a fun weekend dad, he wants to be the good father figure they need full time.

Jenelle Evans Season 6


Jenelle has actually been doing rather well since we last saw her in season 5. She’s still going to school, taking care of Kaiser and making an effort to gain back custody of her son Jace. She and Nathan even seem to be getting along at this point.

Jenelle and Nathan take the boys to get a family Christmas tree and all seems to be well and good. When Jenelle meets up with Babs to hand over Jace there is a bit of an argument about Nathan and Barbara not getting along. Babs is also upset that she doesn’t see Kaiser very often.

Nathan surprises Jenelle for her birthday with a vanity and 2 tickets to St. Thomas for a vacation. They decide to leave Kaiser with Nathan’s mother for the week they will be gone. They also make plans to fight for custody of Jace in the near future.

Chelsea Houska


Chelsea is doing well in her career as an esthetician. She also started dating a very nice guy named Cole. There is always drama with Adam and he’s always getting into trouble so not much has changed.

One night while hanging out with Aubree Chelsea gets an e-mail informing her that Adam is filing for 50/50 custody of Aubree. As of right now Adam has no custody and very strict supervised visitation. He doesn’t have a driver’s license but at least seems to have a decent place to live. While there is no chance Adam will get what he wants in court, Chelsea is still nervous about it and teams up with Adam’s other baby mama to keep their kids safe.

Kail Lowry


Kailyn is now back in school, juggling student life with being a mom of two kids. Things are fine with Kail’s ex Jo but since he lives so far away the visitation has been a struggle. However Jo plans to move closer to Kail and Javi so he can more easily see Isaac. Things with Javi however aren’t going so well. The couple are arguing a lot but they are trying to work it out in marriage counseling.

The episode starts off with Kailyn and Javi throwing an awesome birthday party for Isaac. Kailyn’s friends are in town for the weekend and they plan to have a girl’s night at a concert the next day.  Everything is all planned out according to plan until Kailyn gets a text from a male friend in the morning…

Now Javi is really upset and refuses to cooperate with Kail’s plans for the evening. Apparently this isn’t the first time a guy has texted her and Javi doesn’t trust that the texts are as innocent as she claims. Kail decides not to go to the concert in order to salvage her marriage and prove to Javi that she can be trusted.

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