Photos! ‘Teen Mom’ Stars Catelynn & Tyler’s Biological Daughter Carly Attended Their Wedding!


This was a big questions from fans! Did Brandon, Teresa and Carly attend Catelynn and Tyler’s wedding!??  Personally I wasn’t sure that they would bring Carly around ALL of Cate & Ty’s family AND MTV cameras but thankfully they were able to make it to the wedding and look to have had quite a tearful reunion!

According to The Ashley’s Reality Roundup Tyler and Carly had a special dance together while Catlynn danced along side them with their daughter Novalee.


    • I don’t, Tey knew they had an open adoptin. What’s in the best interest of the child since she knows about her adoptive parents is for her to see them off camera. Carly knows about them and they don’t let her see then , because they are afraid and want control. It’s an OPEN adoption , but since the birth paremts were young they trusted Dawn and the Davis parents. The birth parents would never had agreed to a co tract that could deny then seeing their child and could become a closed adoption. Basically Dawn made money by adopting out Carly. The birth parents go through grief and so does Carly. The put her up for adoption to give her a better life knowing they would see her and get pictures. As bad as she was with depression they denied visits instead of having compassion and letting her see her child. Open adoptions do work and children do well knowing both sets of parents. It will come back and bothe adoptive parents ts as Carly is justvwaiting til she is old enough to make the decision for herself when she sees her birth family and she knows what she is missing out in not seeing them. Birth parents want control. Really sad for Carly and birth parents. How can you admire their selfishness and making Varly so sad. My granddaughter was born 2 days before Carly , so I have a pretty flood idea about Carly’s age and she misses her sisters. It’s not like Americans and viewers doesn’t know who they are and can’t find them anyway.

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