VIDEO! Farrah Abraham Meltdown on ‘Celebrity Big Brother!’

In case you were wondering where Farrah Abraham has been… (Because we know you were) the’Teen Mom OG’ star has been filming a new season of ‘Celebrity Big Brother.’

Now I haven’t been keeping track of all the drama that is Farrah on ‘Big Brother’ (even though I totally feel like I’m missing out now!) but we all knew that things would inevitably go down between her and her housemates.

She’s been fighting with pretty much everyone already and she’s had just about enough of it! Here are some clips of Farrah threatening to kill all of them. Enjoy:


  1. oh LOOK! it’s a filthy drug addicted whore threatening to kill a house full of people! what a surprise! NOT.

  2. how dare this syphillitic, gonorrhea dripping whore call someone else scum? farrah, you are nothing but a diseased, delusional, borderline personality disordered whore. point blank, that is reality. you need to start seeing the reality of your situation. you aren’t better than anyone, toothless $2 crack whores have more class than you ever will because at least they are honest about what they are, unlike your sorry ass.

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