Video: Farrah Abraham Gets Into ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ Brawl!


‘Teen Mom OG’ star Farrah Abraham got into a serious fight with Big Brother housemate Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace on Tuesday during the ‘Celebrity Big Brother Bit On the Side’ after show; which caused them to temporarily go off the air!


Aisleyne interrupted Farrah while she was actually saying something nice about someone for once… so Farrah called her a “hag” and told her to shut up. Aisleyne then threw her champagne at Farrah which was a colossal mistake…

Farrah Abraham Fight

Horgan-Wallace tells The Mirror that Farrah then flipped out and started throwing glasses at her. “I’ve never seen anything like it in my life. She was a crazed woman. I was ducking and diving. I was worried about the glass getting in my face… In retrospect I should have realised that [Farrah] is so unstable… I thought she was going to throw the champagne back at me, which I could have dealt with… [but] to actually pick up glasses and direct them and aim them to try and cut my face…

According to The Hertfordshire police that spoke with UsWeekly, “We are making inquiries to establish the exact circumstances of last night’s event. Hertfordshire Constabulary received a report at 10:55 p.m. on the evening of Tuesday, Sept. 22, regarding an incident, which is alleged to have occurred in the Elstree Studios in Borehamwood. The incident occurred a short time before the call. Officers are currently making inquiries to establish the exact circumstances of what happened and will release further details when appropriate.


  1. Wasn’t actually like that. Farrah has been rude and spiteful to a panellist with stage three breast cancer, glassed a middle aged woman and vicious to all the guests and housemates. She was actually baiting aiselyne, and you don’t mess with her! Aiselyne was restrained, and just threw her drink, which actually missed her and got her porn associate Jenna. Farrah then threw every glass, hit a middle aged woman and cut her with glass and was going for aiselyne. Janice had to blockade her and Jenna before she hurt the lady any more, and caused more people to be hurt. The host had to restrain her, and even the studio audience got involved to break it up. That girl is deranged. This is very bad reporting guys. Shame on you.

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