Video Sneak Peek! Jenelle Evans Storms Off the Set of the Season 6 Reunion Special!

Jenelle Evans Reunion

After a heated argument with her mother Babs about their custody situation with Jace, Jenelle storms off the set refusing to continue filming.

It starts with Barbara explaining to Jenelle that she should have done everything in her power to get Jace back after signing over custody when he was a baby.

Jenelle Evans Storms Out

Look at you, you work at Walmart deli and I’m gonna be a medical assistant saving people’s life while you serve some f**king food,” Jenelle retaliated. She then stood up and stormed off the set telling crew members, “I’m done! You aren’t forcing me to f**king film!

Watch the intense scene below:


  1. Barbara is too old to raise Jace. Her behavior in front of Jace is horrible. She screams, crys, cusses in front of him. Look at Jannelle, a dead ringer for her mom. Where does the circle end? They all need help.

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