First Photos! ‘Teen Mom 2’ Stars Welcome Baby Girl!

Vee Torres

‘Teen Mom 2’ dad Jo Rivera and girlfriend Vee Torres have welcomed their baby girl to the world! There aren’t many details about Vee’s labor and birth but Jo did share this photo of himself and his newborn daughter Vivi!


Vee took to her personal Facebook to share her excitement! “OH. MY. GOD. I love this girl lol! Thank you EVERYBODY for all the love it is highly appreciated I read everything sorry if I couldn’t comment back to anyone so much going on right now 😂 & spending time with my girl. Which I can say is an AWESOME LATCHER! Thank the lawddddd. Once again thank you everyone & I feel all the love & support. Velisse is definitely one loved babycakesb😘💕


    I’m so very happy for you both! Your new daughter is absolutely beautiful!! Enjoy that precious baby girl, love her, hold her and spoil her like crazy!! Babies grow so very fast, enjoy this incredible ‘newborn’ stage..Life as you know it is forever changed, and you wouldn’t have it any other way! I can already tell that this gorgeous lil sweetheart will have her daddy wrapped around her finger hahaha!! And mommy too!! Again, congratulations Jo, Vee, and Issac too!! Thank you for sharing this beautiful day with all of us!! 🙂

  2. Congratulations to u both she is so beautiful and now Isaaic had a little sister to play with and help take care of weather Kailyn likes it or nt.

      • I notice that a whole lot of people use the word “ignorant” now, no matter what the context of their sentence. Do you even know what “ignorant” means? And do you even realize that it makes absolutely no sense the way you use it here?

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