Photos! Corey & Miranda Simms Baby Shower and Name Reveal!


‘Teen Mom 2’ stars Corey and Miranda Simms are welcoming a daughter in January 2016! That will make 3 little girls for the couple to look after now that Corey has primary custody of his twin daughters Ali and Aleeah.


The family’s newest edition will be named Remi, and from the looks of the photos will have a middle name beginning with the letter “M.”


Check out their adorable baby shower for their new “little pumpkin!”


  1. I wonder how much she’ll love taking care of Leah’s kids with a newborn of her own! Just wait, before long, either she and Corey will divorce or Leah’s kids go home to mama!

    • I can’t stand miranda and the way she thinks she can treat leah. Karma is a bitch and it always comes back around.

      • Yeah karma is a bitch & Leah is finally getting hers!! Miranda has the right to be angry with Leah who cant keep her legs closed.Leah is nothing more than a druggie whore.

        • Actually she is ALOT more than that shes not even close to a whore or a drug addict and Miranda is a bitch who has no right to talk about or to Leah the way she does furthermore Corey cheated on Miranda with Leah so Miranda needs to back the hell off!

        • Corey and Miranda r trying to take care of the girls Leah is trash if she cared so much about her kids she would not done drugs or slept with Corey no he isn’t innocent either but she cheated on him twice n cheated with him while married to Jeremy now she already has another man so I don’t feel bad for her at all she needs to grow up

    • I’m sure she’ll figure it out. Sure, it will be stressful as hell, but do you want to hear something completely crazy? Lots of people do it everyday! And even though it can drive you crazy and make you insane sometimes, they still do it and manage not to need treatment for “anxiety and depression.”

      She already knows what it’s like to care for the twins by herself. (Does anyone honestly think that Corey is around every second when the girls stay with them?) Adding a newborn to the mix will be really hard, but as I said, she’ll figure it out. Lots of mothers and stepmothers do it every day.

    • I think she will be just fine. They are far more settled, mature and structured at Corey’s house, when watching the show bedtime for the twins at his house is peaceful. Its not Miranda’s fault, Leah should have asked for help, she was quite clearly not coping and that was more upsetting for Corey, as he could see it happening and he offered help and she just said no. Leah needs to grow up and learn to like and respect herself and realise that its okay to be alone. She already has daddy no 3 living with her because she can’t be alone. I wouldn’t like my kids living in an environment where men come and go like that, not a good example for them.

      • The comment that says they’ll divorce or Leah’s kids will go home to mama!! This is going to happen!! Miranda is not going to want to take care of Leah’s kids once Remi is here!! Lol Trouble will be brewing there before long!!

    • Yes I believe so to I don’t think its going to be along relationship and the kids going back to their moma. I agre in that.

  2. Yes karma is a mother f***er and it always comes back to haunt u.I wonder how she’s going to like it when he treats her the way he treats Leah! Lol

  3. Leah losing primary custody of her kids was the best thing for her… some mom’s are just not made for being a full time parent and that is fine… all the judge did was made it so Leah can continue being the part time sometime parent that she has been…. raising three kids on your own is no joke.. you are always outnumbered and someone is always going to feel left out… I have no idea why everyone is attacking Miranda…. as long as Corey allows her to say negative things about the mother of his twins..she will keep doing it… Corey needs to nip it in the butt…

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