Why Leah Messer May Lose Custody of Youngest Daughter Addie


‘Teen Mom 2’ star Leah Messer recently lost primary custody of her daughters Ali and Aleeah. The girls are now in the care of their father Corey Simms during the school week and they visit Leah on the weekends.

This whole situation has Corey and Miranda Simms receiving a harsh backlash from ‘Teen Mom’ fans on social media and have caused the couple to step away from their online accounts. Hopefully the new arrangement will be more suitable for everyone especially the twins.


There’s nothing like actually having actual QUALITY time with my girls, for once. We aren’t running around to apts but INSTEAD we are having a fun filled weekend together l. ENJOYING each other as a family.  At the end of the day that’s what matters most,” Leah shared to her Twitter account when news broke that she lost custody of her twin daughters.

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While Leah maybe feeling some relief of not having the hectic schedule of three children during the week there is still a concern for her youngest daughter Addie. “Everyone is very worried about Addie,” an insider told InTouch. “She recently wandered out of the house while Leah was distracted. Thankfully, a police officer found Addie and brought her home.

The source also claims that Addie’s father Jeremy Calvert is looking for a job closer to home so that he can arrange a similar custody agreement to Corey’s.


  1. So glad this is finally happening for those little girls! Anyone who has been a long time watcher of the show has seen Leah’s downward spiral in both her private life and her parenting. She needs to take responsibility for her issues and see how it’s effecting her kids, their dads, AND her rather than acting like this is just a ploy to “hurt” her. She clearly needs a professional intervention and as long as the enablers in her life (I’m looking at you, Dawn) continue to assure her that she’s a great mom and it’s everyone else who needs help, she will only get worse. All three of those kids need stability, a schedule, and people they can count on. Leah is not that person right now.

  2. I like Corey and his new wife and I’m happy that he has his girl she needs to get some help with her drug problem it is so sad to marriage three children and she is about to lose 03 all three of her kids how sad and she must take some responsibility and stop putting everything on Corre

  3. My son wondered out of the house when he was about 2 as well, but hasn’t done it since and he is 6. Just because it happened one time doesn’t she is a bad mom.

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