Leah Messer Reveals Miranda Simms’ “Rules” for Talking to Ex-Husband Corey After Learning of Their Affair


Leah Messer recently came clean about sleeping with ex husband Corey Simms just two months after he married his current wife Miranda Simms. While Miranda was able to forgive Corey and work through the situation she also had some stipulations.

In a recent interview Leah revealed that she is not allowed to communicate with Corey unless Miranda is present.  “I’m not allowed to call Corey’s phone to communicate with the girls unless she’s somehow three-wayed in. He has to be around her when he calls.” She also added that in order to text the two have to be in a group text with Miranda.


Miranda doesn’t want me in the picture… She wants to hurt me because she thinks that Corey and I still have something for each other.” Leah continued. (You did kind of sleep with her husband dude….)

Leah also goes on to claim that the twins are miserable living with their father and that Aleeah wants to run away… but she also says that Corey is “a really good father – about as solid as you can get.


  1. Leah and Corey are always going to be in each others life until those girls are all grown up. But Miranda needs to grow up a little but, and let them communicate. If you don’t trust Corey maybe you shouldn’t be married.

  2. It takes too why is Miranda only slamming Leah at the end of ther day the twins are Leah and cory not hers and I’d Miranda has so little trust they why carry on with him ether for give both party’s or ship out not fair just blaming one person and treating one person very badly

  3. Only two months of marriage and he is cheating already. Eventually Corey is going to get sick of being micromanaged by Miranda. This marriage is doomed. The only reason Corey went after the girls is because Miranda pushed him out of her so called caring about the girls. This is Mirandas way to make Leah pay sad. Corey was just as responsible.

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