Miranda SImms Slams Leah Messer After Her Revealing Interview


In a recent interview, Teen Mom 2 star Leah Messer fessed up to popping pills and cheating on her husband Jeremy Calvert with her ex husband Corey Simms.  Messer then went on to say that ever since their infidelity Miranda has set strict rules and guidelines for her interactions with Corey. (Read all about that here.)


Now that the shocking interview has circled the web Miranda finally spoke up on Twitter stating, “I would hate to be that miserable & delusional. I’ll definitely be praying for you!” Which was certainly directed at Leah considering the way she spoke of Miranda in the interview. “Miranda doesn’t want me in the picture… She wants to hurt me because she thinks that Corey and I still have something for each other,” Leah said.


  1. “Slams”, of telling the truth? Leah IS delusional, miserable and jealous. Miranda called it like most of us see it. This article is LAME!

  2. Miranda Simms is a joke. Dont be pissed at Leah for your Husband cheating on you. Well looks like Corey got away Scott Free but Miranda and her law connections would make sure Leah would pay the piper and took her kids away Miranda is a disgrace and dillusional

  3. Miranda lea and cory…..grow the fuck up its ovious cory still has feelings for lea….miranda is jelous because she knows it and lea just needs to pick a cock.

  4. Miranda, Corey is the person you should shame, blame and hate, not Leah. Leah did not take a vow to remain faithful to you, COREY DID. Leah isn’t some seductress who lured innocent Corey away. Corey did what he wanted to do, he made HIS OWN CHOICE,,because he does not value you or your marriage as much as he values himself. Corey continues to have sex with Leah inspite of the fact that it hurts you deeply because of something in his own heart, which is his love for Leah, Stop blaming Leah for “not valuing your marriage’. Ther person who does not value your marriage is COREY.

    • i agree 100% it took 2 for the affair to happen he still loves leah and you know it you need to grow the hell up all 3 of you and stop putting your kids through all the bullshit and now there is another child involved and shame on you cory you piece of shit you sat in jeremy’s face and acted all buddy buddy with him while you both bad mouthed leah but yet both of you CHOSE TO MARRY THIS WOMAN AND HAVE KIDS WITH HER SHAME ON ALL OF YOU

  5. Miranda is the jokes who clearly has to post shit on social networks just to make herself feel better ahah. Your boyfriend did the deed to so dont be shocked when he does it again. And now of yous are 16 having kids let alone twins try and remember the stuff you dont get to seee on tv

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