PHOTOS! Corey & Miranda Simms Welcome Daughter Remi Monroe!

Corey Simms Remi

‘Teen Mom 2’ dad Corey Simms and wife Miranda welcomed the birth of their daughter Remington Monroe Simms on November 8th 2015. “Remi Monroe decided to make an early arrival,” Corey and Miranda shared on Facebook yesterday afternoon.

Corey SImms Baby Remi

Miranda was due in January of 2016 but little Remi came into the world early weighing only 4 pounds and 11 ounces.

Corey Simms Remi Monroe

Meet the newest member of our family,” Corey’s father Jeff shared on Facebook. “Remington Monroe Simms! I’m already wrapped around that tiny finger. <3


  1. Congratulations to you both I’ve always followed teen mum from over here in Manchester England xx

  2. congrats to you too hope baby and mommy doing great and i know what its like to have a early baby mine was 28 weeks

      • I love Miranda attitude u would feel the same way if it happened to you Miranda has a great attitude and she is a very strong woman who loves her family deeply

    • Leah should be grateful for Miranda s involvement. She cares about the girls and she helps to provide a stable structured environment.

    • Sorry Miranda just cares for her step children and loves her husband how would u feel nif ur man had sex with his ex you would feel just like Miranda does so I applaud how strong of a person she is

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