Chelsea Houska’s Engaged! See the Ring!!

Chelsea Houska Engaged

‘Teen Mom 2’ stars Chelsea Houska and Cole DeBoer have finally announced their engagement!

I honestly cannot believe how lucky I am. Finally found my Prince Charming and I get to be with him for the rest of my life!” Chelsea shared on Instagram, along with a photo of her gorgeous engagement ring.


Cole brought me to a personal spot in the woods where he had photos lining the tree,” Chelsea told MTV. “The pictures hanging were of him and I and the three of us as a family… Cole asked Aubree if it was okay if he married her mommy. She immediately said yes, was extremely excited, and gave him a big hug,”

Chelsea and Cole have already decided that their wedding will take place sometime in the Fall and that it will be a small and intimate ceremony with close family and friends.

The first time I ever saw Cole, before we even talked, I went home and told my friend Chelsey, ’I just saw the guy I am going to marry,’


  1. Chelsea has always been my favorite. She truly deserves all the best. No mistake should define us and she has certainly moved forward. Proud to have seen you from the very beginning to such a great new chapter.

  2. Oh no! It’s even smaller than Amber’s Walmart ring that Gary bought her when they were a lot younger. What is it with young American boys & their costume jewelry??

  3. OMG who cares about that beautiful ring!! It doesn’t matter about the size or clarity of the ring and I think it’s beautiful!!! Anyways Congrats Chelsea and Cole!! So so happy for you and ecstatic that baby girl is happy.. wish for many years of love and happiness

  4. so happy for you Chelsea and cole congratulations to you both and Aubree wish you all the best for the future x you are my favotie teen mom 2 Chelsea x

  5. Congratulations you had a long journey thru the yrs of frustration on things n the x you help yourself so professional &mature thru the x drama as well causing you glad to see you with a great man you deserve it you guys are adorable together xo 💙 💋 👱 👍 your my favorite watched for yrs .have a great thnks giving —-love you girl

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