1. Farrah is the sick one she a rude bitch and hateful bitch I’m sorry she got all that money now and she just out to hurt people . they need to delete Farrah period.

  2. I really dislike farrah, she goes on about people being stupid and disrespectful but she’s the only one that seems to be doing it to other. The thing that annoys me the most is the way she peaks to her mother and disrespects her and in front of her daughter is just awful and then for her daughter to mimic to some what if farrah a level to her nana is wrong. Farrah needs help for her behaviour and the way she is to others. Better yet just take her back of the show cause all she’s done is made the others feel miserable and I really like seeing the others happy, yes we all have our ups and downs but now farrah is back on I have to pause the tv so I then can fast forward the part where she is so I can see her disrespecting anybody.

  3. Please MTV take Farrah off the show…i have to do the same thing pause the TV when it comes to her then fast foward pass her…I get MTV likes the drama & thinks more people will watch the show if she’s on it MTV you are wrong people will still watch the show without Farrah she horrible…And for Teen Mom 2 please dont have Nathan on the show…he is worthless & Janelle has her own demons that she is working on & is doing really good I think he part to blame for Janelle & her mom in regards to Jace & custody & them fighting why was he pushing Janelle to get custody when he cant even take care of his own kids… Janelle & Barbara had their issue but seem to be getting alone until Nathan I hope him & his new GF work out so he can stay away from Janelle she deserve a lot better i use to not like Janelle but I see her gettinng her life together..please kick Farrah off the show…her plastice face is killing me & her rudeness is uncalled.for…she was pretty before all that face work.

  4. I couldn’t agree with you more!!
    can I just say that I am super excited to see tyler and caitlynn’s wedding, I didn’t realize that she had invited the other teen moms…this is going to be a good season I hope and hopefully, MTV does take Farrah off of the show! I also hope that janelle’s new boyfriend doesn’t really get to be on the show either, just because it seems like things can be going great for her with these men she dates until they get a little taste of “fame” then things go down hill. I am really routing for her that things get better and she can stay out of the abusive relationships! can’t wait for the season to start!!

  5. Yes. Please take Farrah off the show. The show will be great without her. I dvr it so i can fast forward through her parts. Stop it MTV. We deserve better then to have to watch her!

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