‘Teen Mom OG’ Stars Needed Medical Attention Before Filming in NYC! The Reason May Surprise you!


‘Teen Mom OG’ stars Catelynn, Amber and Maci all had a book signing in New York City Friday evening before a day of filming for MTV on Saturday. After their signing the girls went out on the town for a night of fun and allegedly got a little drunky face.

According to one on-set production source that spoke with The Ashley’s Reality Roundup, the girls were very hungover when they showed up to film Saturday morning!

So MTV did their MTV thing and hired a company that gives IV hangover therapy! “The girls received an infusion of vitamins to help them kick their hangovers.

(And as The Ashley points out: Don’t worry. All the ladies of TMOG are well over 21! PS: For more juicy behind the scenes details of the girls’ weekend in NYC head over to The Ashley’s website!)

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