Amber Portwood Responds to New Report of Fiance Matt’s 7 Kids. (and Grandkids!)

2015-12-17 (5)

‘Teen Mom OG’ star Amber Portwood is fighting back on Twitter after a new report by The Ashley’s Reality Roundup backed up Gary Shirley’s claim that her fiance has 7 kids! (Which we saw in the TMOG season 6 Trailer.)

I don’t care if I found out he had 10 kids. He has to deal with that and his past and I’ll stand by him. But I’m a woman and I hold my own.” Amber wrote on social media.

2015-12-17 (8)

The Ashley reports that Matt does indeed have 7 children ranging in age from 5  to 25 years old and has child support cases open for all of them. It’s also being confirmed that Matt has a grandchild and another on the way!

Amber initially denied the report stating, “you would have to be ignorant to believe that honestly..he’s a great catch thanks😊” But when Twitter users went on to point out that this is all public record she responded, “his past is his past..we all have to deal with it sooner or later.. No reason to judge or put people down…”

The ‘Teen Mom’ star also tweeted,  “For anyone talking crap about this whole situation with Matt..this shit isn’t funny This is real life I have to deal with not entertainment.”


  1. This guy is very creepy. It is strange he’d move in so fast and I hated the scene where he was asking her young daughter questions. If it is true he has seven children; I worry about how he will treat her if he was not even there for his own children. I feel he is using her for fame and income for sure.

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