Farrah Abraham Nearly Runs Over Producer Larry in New Sneak Peek of ‘Teen Mom OG!’


Farrah Abraham of ‘Teen Mom OG’ fights with MTV producer Larry in another sneak peek of the new season. This time the two argue about Farrah using the MTV logo in a promoted event not affiliated with the network. Watch Farrah nearly run Larry over with her car in this sneak peek.


  1. still working her brand … “personality disordered potty mouth degenerate supa skank ho” … what a master at self promotion 🙂

  2. I cannot STAND her! She literally treats everyone she comes into contact with like uber dig shit! Ugh. Wish she was off the show!

  3. This Kardashian wanna be is a Low life bitch!!! She doesn’t care about her child, not her family , let alone does she have any respect for anyone but herself! She wants to build a knockoff brand! Pathetic. The show can go just fine without her.

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