Adam Lind Speaks Out About Chelsea’s Poor Co-Parenting

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‘Teen Mom 2’ dad Adam Lind recently chatted with fans on instagram about his current relationship with Chelsea Houska and their lack of communication. The conversation came about when Adam actually came to Chelsea’s defense when a fan called her a “loser.”

Shes not a loser … She just needs to learn to communicate better with me .. Great mom! .. Just is stuck in her own lil world of ‘perfection’,… She needs to come off her high horse and speak with me about things with our child .. I get I f**ked up pretty bad .. But for f**k sake it was 5+ years ago .. Get over it and move on with life ya know Lol… No hate here everyone calm the f**k down.” Adam said.

The fan went on saying, “You may have f**ked up, but she f**ked you and now she needs to realise you’re in that “perfect lil world” for the rest of her life!!!

Adam replied, “That’s right Lol… Member how she made a hugeeee f**kin deal about me not having a license Lol .. (I do have one now)… But she never complained at 2am when is drive over there to …. Yup… …. Smh..but hey its all in the past everyone needs to let the sh!t go and move on ..

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Randomly Matt McCain’s wife Lekota Kotch (From Teen Mom 3) jumped in and defended Adam saying,

Not to be a complete asshole because I like Chelsea and respect her but did she really want a family with him when she was knocked up and f**king his best friend? Or does everyone just forgive her that because she’s perfect Chelsea houska? Yes, Adam f**ked up but you all only see him hurting her. What about the sh!t she did to him? Pretty sure she also f**ked Adams brother.

Adam has a heart.. He may not show it on the show but imagine how he felt being that young and going through that sh!t too! Everyone wants to think because he’s a guy, Adam has no feelings. But what if Adam did want a family will Chelsea but he was scared? He was a kid too. What if her sleeping with his best friend broke his heart and turned him into the douche we saw on TV?

None of you know because you weren’t there. You all fail to realize that when you do 16 and Pregnant, the producers give you a story line. They then cut and edit your segment to fit that story line. There’s so much none of you get to see. Adams probably a really great guy. Yes, he said some sh!t he shouldn’t have and did some sh!t he shouldn’t have but it’s in the past, he’s turned his life around. He’s trying!

What do you think? Is Adam really the guy we see on ‘Teen Mom 2?’

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