Farrah Abraham Physically Assaulted Producer Larry on Camera – REPORT

2016-01-02 (3)

The ‘Teen Mom OG’ Season 5B trailer showcased a rather nasty fight between Farrah Abraham and her MTV producer Larry in which she called him a “dumb twisted mother f**ker.” However the trailer didn’t show how violent that particular fight really became.

According to an audience member that attended the TMOG aftershow taping Farrah pushed Larry on camera. “In the clip we watched, Farrah physically pushed Larry in her front yard…” they told The Ashley’s Reality Roundup.She called him white trash and all these other mean names. They showed us the clip after Farrah left. It was almost like they did that on purpose.

2016-01-01 (44)

Farrah was furious about having to film and being told she couldn’t film a show for another network. “Larry the producer said she was at breach of contract because she was filming a show with her mom Debra that’s similar to ‘Teen Mom.’ That’s what started Farrah off on her rant.

The Ashley also says that it seems that Farrah and Larry are on better terms now and were seen together at a party in NYC.


  1. Get rid if that spoiled brat! She has no self respect or respect for her elders. Hate knowing she makes money off defaming Teen Mom and MTV. Time for her to make her way to poverty. Perhaps if everyone would stop giving her press and airtime she could focus on her daughter. #waste

    • Mtv needs to stop kissing that brats ass. She is not needed on the show anyway. That bad behavior of hers is killing the show.

  2. This bitch needs to go, if MTV is keeping her on the show for drama it is a turn off. If she was my daughter I slap her too,
    she really needs help. Simon if u marry Farrah u better b ready too use the out house.

  3. She is so horrible that when I record the show I fast forward through her!! She does not make people watch the show for her. The way she treats people and the way that she treats her mother makes for a horrible person and would never ever want that as an example for young children to see!!!

  4. She is the biggest cunt I ever seen. And they way she treats her mom is terrible and I love kids but Farrah s daughter is a brat too..get Farrah s nasty ass off the air

  5. Farrah Abraham Should not be on the show bc she is All about drama … She should not have a child At all wants so ever and she’s needs help and she has no respect for her parents ..she is teaching her child how to be like her

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