Catelynn Baltierra (Lowell) Gives Details of Daughters Carly and Nova’s First Meeting!!


Did you know that Carly and Nova met before ‘Teen Mom OG’ stars Catelynn and Tyler’s wedding took place? (In case you missed it, yes Carly was at the wedding and Tyler had a special dance with her! Check that out here.)

Catelynn actually got together with Theresa and Carly 2 days before the wedding so that the sisters could meet! “We went to the beach so we were feeding ducks with bread,” Catelynn recently told People Magazine. “Carly just wanted to hold Nova immediately and be like, ‘Can I feed her? Can I hold her?’ She kept showing Nova to everybody and saying, ‘This is my birth sister.’ It was so cute!”


On the ‘Teen Mom OG’ trailer we can see that Catelynn battled some serious postpartum depression but says “After that day, I felt perfectly fine again.

About the relationship she has with Brandon and Theresa Catelynn says, “As long as I get to see her face and hear her voice, hey – I’m sad that I can’t share everything, but our story’s still out there… and people are still learning about adoption, and you guys get some time to see her, and I get to see her, so it kind of works for both of us.

Carly was also a big part of Catelynn and Tyler’s wedding soon after this meeting, Cate recalled a special moment she had while getting ready for the ceremony. “I was sitting in the room and Teresa came in there, just by herself, and she said a few things to me.. [Carly and her parents] got to see me before anybody else, so that was definitely a special moment.


  1. That is beautiful you keep a relationship witg your daughter. You get to see parts of her early years and can be an additional support system for her in the future. She knows her sibling and knows she is loved.

  2. I am so proud of y’all you’ve come a long way come done great things you’re good parents and I love watching you all may God be with y’all and you keep going on doing what you are doing I’m happy and this story was very heartwarming God bless

  3. Wow did I tear up reading this, Cate and Tyler have come so far its amazing! And.. God bless Brandon and Theresa for letting Carly still be apart of that side of her family.

  4. I really love these couple they have always keep it soo real and true from the start and its very hard very hard giving up ur 1st baby for open adaption and depression ect
    I been thru all that so i can related to her if only i can talk catyln personal i feel way what she going thru but only deeper 🙁 but i luv u guys good bless keep ur head catlyn💜😘
    I luv u guys on the show 💯

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